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CAC Boomerang
Technical Information

The only aircraft that was completely designed, built and operated exclusively in Australia during WWII. The CAC (Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation) Boomerang was not an exceptional fighter, it spent most of it's career as a ground support aircraft. Boomerangs were the only plane available to the RAAF at the beginning of the war, but were quickly replaced with Spitfires from Britain and P-40 the USA.

When the war in the Pacific began, the only real fighters the RAAF had was a small numbers of the Brewster Buffalo. To overcome this shortfall and the possibility the Australia could not get fighters from overseas design work was started on the CA-12 Boomerang. Using parts from the CA Wirraway the Boomerang was designed and built in only three months. 105 airframes build during 1942-3.

Later Versions
In 1943 a second batch of 95 improved CA-13 Boomerang mk II's were built. The most obvious change was the addition of two 20mm cannon. Later versions had the CA-14 had a turbocharger to improve high altitude performance and the CA-14A had square tail feathers. Neither were produced in quantity because of the availability of the Spitfire mk.VIII. The final version was the CA-19 Boomerang mk.II with minor modifications over the CA-13. Only 49 CA-19's were built.

Technical Details
Crew  One (Pilot)
Engine  1 x Pratt-Whitney R-1830
Span  10.97m
Length  7.77m
Height  2.92m
Maximum Speed  305 mph
Range  1,600 miles
Armament  (wings) 4 x .303 machine guns (wings) 2 x 20mm cannon

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August 7, 2015


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