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American Missions Against Nichols Field
January 26, 1942 - February 13, 1945

January 26/27, 1942
Fighters from Bataan, bomb and strafe Nichols and Nielson Fields during the night inflicting considerable damage on aircraft and fuel storage

April 12, 1942
"Royce Mission" Single B-17 bombing missions are flown against Nichols Field

January 6, 1945
B-24s bomb Nichols Field

January 7, 1945
B-24s bomb Nichols Field

January 8, 1945
B-24s and A-20s attack Nichols Field

February 6, 1945
A-20s attack gun positions and defenses at Nichols Field.

February 13, 1945
B-25s and fighters directly support ground forces in the area of Nichols Field.

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