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Coins & Trench Art found by Henry Mayer around Port Moresby
On the Bootless Bay end of Jackson Airport runway are hills overlooking the bay/sea and southern part of the airport.On and below these hills is where Australian troops dug in anticipating Japanese landings prior to the Battle of the Coral Sea when the invasion force was turned back. In this picture the ashtray, bomber, AIF bullet, aust plate and one paticular coin shown here were found in the Bootless Bay area.

(Top row, left) The ashtray is made from the bottom of a jap shell-94mm across at the base.

(Top row, left)  The AIF (Australian Imperial Forces) bullet is a.303 Lee-Enfield
rifle.(top row, left) The australian continent was also made from a .303 bullet.

(Top row, middle) The bomber plane was most likely carved out of a plane prop.(i have a mag article showing two fighter examples) One coin (4th from the right,bottom row) is a Palestine 1mil coin indicating  the owner was a North African veteran.

(Top, right) The P-38 is a reconstructed example of one found at 9 mile area along the rouna (now Sogeri) road near Berry Drome. The material is from various bullet / artillery calibres.

(Lower) The coins are just a example of 650 odd mostly Australian coins found all over Port Moresby.
Credit: Henry Mayer Date: 2003

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