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Australian Badges by Henry Mayer around Port Moresby
The large size rising sun with crown type were worn on their distinctive slouch hats with the smaller size on the lapels. Both types were mostly found around Bootless Bay and at 9,14,17 mile on the rouna road.

The Australia shoulder badges and lt pips were also found in these areas. The transport service badges are all from the b/less area.

The RAAF pilots wing, silver rising sun w/crown badge and the airplane badges were all found at durand drome and were most likely souvenirs of u.s personnel (traded with RAAF).

The complete RAAF cap badge was found near a fox hole on high hill east of jacksons along with some coins, buttons, d/tags, bayonet, brass fittings, mess plate which were all American.

The partial RAAF cap badge was found in a a/craft revetment on the eastside of  jacksons.This revetment along with several others no longer exist as the defence force air wing barracks are now sited on this spot.

The prop badge was found on the sea end of jacksons runway.

The whip/yoke badge was found on the edges of schwimmer drome at laloki.In this area there are only dugouts made of dirt filled 44gal drums and dirt ordnance bays.

The green airdrop badge was found out at 18 mile on a site which once had a aust survey unit stationed.

The silver rearing mule badge which bears the motto "anywhere" came from the site at 13 mile where discarded horse gear was.

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