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Island chain in the South Pacific. Prior to WWII, the island's political affairs were controlled by Britain although it had its own royal family 18 year old daughter became Queen Salote. Thanks to Tom McLeod for this information.

Wartime History
During WWII, as part of the British empire, Tonga formed a local defense force of about 2,000 men, which saw action in the Solomon Islands.  For most Tongans the war was the 'American Invasion' beginning on May 10, 1942 with the arrival of USN base construction and garrison convoy reached Tonga. The 1st Construction Battalion (Seabees) went to Tonga and built Tongatabu Airfield and main wharf. At its height, there were 10,000 Americans on the island. The 1st Marine Division briefly staged through Tonga on their way to Guadalcanal. Just as fast as the war had influenced the island, by July 1944, there were only 31 Americans left station on Tonga.

Main island of the Tonga Group. Also known as "Western Tongatapu". New Zealand and American troops were stationed on Tongatapu, which became a staging point for shipping

Nukualofa (Nuku'alofa)
Modern day capital city of the country.

Tongatabu Airfield
Built by the US Navy 1st Construction Battalion (Seabees)


Nukualofa Harbor (Nuku'alofa Harbor)

Tongatabu Airfield
Built by the US Navy 1st Construction Battalion (Seabees)

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