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Kawasaki Type 99 Light Bomber / Ki-48 (Lily)
Listing by uniit. Some aircraft served in several different units, and are listed twice.

8th Sentai
Ki-48-II 2167  Crashed near Imphal in March 1944, investigated by ATIU

List by Manufacture Number
Ki-48-I 484  crashed near Alexishafen Airfield
Ki-48-I 534  Abandoned at Munda, captured by American forces
Ki-48-II Kou
Ki-48 1003  Bazaar, Burma
Ki-48 1100  Hollandia
Ki-48 1117  Yunnan, China
Ki-48-II 1199  abandoned at Nubia Airfield
Ki-48 1208  Hansa Bay
Ki-48 1210  Babuauf, Tsili Tsili
Ki-48 1225  Hansa Bay
Ki-48 1235  Morum village, NG
Ki-48 1242  Mallet Airstrip, NG
Ki-48 1245  Abandoned Lae Airfield
Ki-48 1249  Engineer's camp, Tsili-Tsili
Ki-48 1250  Pesen, NG
Ki-48-II 1252  abandoned Lae Airfield
Ki-48-II 1258  abandoned at Nubia Airfield
Ki-48 1307 in sea off Amahi, Ceram
Ki-48-II 1314  abandoned at Alexishafen Airfield
Ki-48-II 1342  abandoned at Alexishafen Airfield
Ki-48 1368 Bishenpur, India
Ki-48 1376 Kintang, Szechwan, China
Ki-48-II 1398  Crashed upside down at Cape Wom
Ki-48 1450  Hinngia, Gusap
Ki-48-II 1482  abandoned at Alexishafen Airfield
Ki-48-II 1490  crashed near Sialum
Ki-48 1504 Yunnan, China
Ki-48-II Ostu
Ki-48 2083 Dighinala
Ki-48 2086  between Hollandia & Yunnan
Ki-48-II 2094  Captured Kamiri Airfield
Ki-48 2101  Kamiri Airifeld
Ki-48 2129  Suichwan, China
Ki-48 2147  Holandia
Ki-48-II 2106  abandoned at Alexishafen Airfield
Ki-48-II 2167  Crashed near Imphal in March 1944, investigated by ATIU
Ki-48 2191  Suichwan, Kiangsi, China
Ki-48 2193  Suichwan, Kiangsi, China
Ki-48-II 2214  Abandoned at Dagua Airfield, scrapped or otherwise removed
Ki-48 2275  Bishenpur
Ki-48 2297  Tengchung, China
Ki-48 2350  Suichwan, Kiangsi, China
Ki-48 2356  Chihkiang, China
Ki-48 2443  Kamiri Airfield
Ki-48 2509  Taiho, China
Ki-48 2524  Chihkiang, China
Ki-48 2570  Kamiri Airfield
Ki-48 2596  Mayang, Hunan, China
Ki-48 2622  Kwangingkok, China
Ki-48 2687  Tacloban, Leyte


Other Known Wrecks & Displays
Ki-48 abandoned at Alexishafen 2
Ki-48 abandoned at Babo  Recovered to Indonesian Air Force Museum
Ki-48 abandoned at Babo
Ki-48 ditched off Biak  Destroyed in failed salvage attempt, reported by Fenstermaker
Ki-48 crashed at Danip Creek
Ki-48 abandoned at Danip / Alexishafen #1
Ki-48 crashed in a swamp near Madang  Reported by Darby
Ki-48 crashed near Maprik
Ki-48 Tail Number 308  China People's Liberation Military Museum / partial replica
Ki-48 captured at Munda  Captured August 1943
Ki-48 captured at Munda 2  Captured August 1943

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