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American missions against Lashio and Lashio Airfield
June 3, 1942–March 7, 1945

June 3, 1942
(10th AF) A flight of 6 B-25s of the 11th Bombardment Squadron, 7th Bombardment Group, take off from Dinjan and bomb Lashio en route to Kunming.

August 26, 1942
(10th AF) China Air Task Force: B-25s bomb Lashio, an important rail center, highway junction and Lashio Airfield; covering P-40s strafe numerous targets of opportunity and shoot down at least 2 Japanese fighters.

August 29, 1945
(10th AF) China Air Task Force: B-25s pound Lashio, scoring numerous hits on Lashio Airfield and starting 3 large fires in warehouse area southeast of the city.

December 17, 1942
(10th AF) China Air Task Force aircraft bomb Lashio.

December 17, 1942
(10th AF) China Air Task Force aircraft bomb Lashio.

December 22, 1942
(10th AF) China Air Task Force aircraft bomb Lashio.

December 26, 1942
(10th AF) China Air Task Force aircraft bomb Lashio.

January 16, 1943
(10th AF) China Air Task Force: Anticipating that Japanese planes will land at Lashio Airfield, six B-25s and eleven fighters are sent to that field in the hope of catching the enemy on the ground; finding no aircraft there, the B-25s and fighters attack the town of Lashio. This is the last raid by the China Air Task Force before a fuel shortage grounds the fighters for the remainder of January and the B-25s for 33 days. In Burma, B-25s hit Mandalay-Lashio with three strikes.

March 10, 1943
(10th AF) China Air Task Force: P-40s on armed reconnaissance cover the area southwest of Lashio.

March 30, 1943
(10th AF) China Air Task Force: P-40's strafe 8 locomotives southwest of Lashio, exploding three of them.

November 3, 1943
(14th AF) 8 P-40's bomb runways and installations at Lashio.

December 1, 1943
(14th AF) Four P-40's strafe a truck convoy near Lashio.

February 24, 1944
(14th AF) Four P-40s strafe Lashio Airfield.

March 3, 1944
(14th AF) P-40s strafe Lashio Airfield.

April 21, 1944
(10th AF) 8 B-24s bomb storage and fuel dumps at Lashio.
(14th AF) P-40s fly armed reconnaissance over roads Lashio.

April 22, 1944
(14th AF) P-40s on armed reconnaissance over N Burma destroy ten boxcars and a truck north of Lashio.

April 23, 1944
(14th AF) Four P-40s blast a motor pool at Lashio.

April 26, 1944
(14th AF) P-40s on armed reconnaissance fly from Lashio to Man Kat.

May 31, 1944
(14th AF) 14 B-24s, supported by P-40s blast the warehouse area at Lashio.

June 5, 1944
(14th AF) 12 P-40s bomb Lashio.

June 7, 1944
(14th AF) Ten B-25s bomb Lashio and targets of opportunity along the Salween.

July 4, 1944
(10th AF) 20+ P-47s and P-51s fly an offensive sweep over the Lashio area.

July 11, 1944
(10th AF) Fighter-bombers hit Lashio Airifled.

July 13, 1944
(10th AF) A-36s, P-51s, and P-47s hit targets including Lashio.

July 15, 1944
(10th AF) P-47s and P-51s hit targets including Lashio.

August 4, 1944
(10th AF) B-25s bomb Lashio Airfield.

August 5, 1944
(10th AF) Three B-25s hit Lashio Airfield.

August 15, 1944
(10th AF) P-51s, P-47s, P-40s, and A-36s hit Lashio Airfield.

August 16, 1944
(10th AF) P-51s hit Lashio Airfield.

August 18, 1944
(10th AF) Eight P-47s sweep Lashio Airfield, strafing several targets of opportunity.
(14th AF) P-40s, P-51s, and P-38s on armed reconnaissance attack Lashio.

September 30, 1944
(10th AF) 50+ P-47s hit targets of opportunity on or near the Burma Road between Mangshih and Lashio.

November 3, 1944
(14th AF) Fighters hit a railroad bridge south of Lashio.
(10th AF) A single B-25 attacks targets of opportunity at Lashio.

November 5, 1944
(10th AF) Seventy P-47s attack Lashio Airfield.

November 14, 1944
(10th AF) Twelve B-25s bomb a supply area near Lashio.

November 16, 1944
(10th AF) Thirty P-47s hit troop concentrations and supply areas at Naungmo, Nawngmoloi, and Lashio.

November 17, 1944
(10th AF) Nine B-25s bomb bridges at Lashio, knocking out a bypass bridge and damaging others; several machine gun positions are silenced in the bridge area.

November 20, 1944
(14th AF) Eight B-25s hit the barracks area at Lashio.

November 23, 1944
(14th AF) Twelve B-25s bomb a storage area near Lashio.

November 24, 1944
(14th AF) Twenty-two B-25s bomb a storage area near Lashio.
(10th AF) Ten P-47s hit Lashio Airfield.

November 25, 1944
(14th AF) Twelve B-25s hit warehouses, village and town areas at Lashio.
(10th AF) Twelve fighter-bombers attack a nearby bridge area, storage and personnel areas in the Lashio area.

November 26, 1944
(10th AF) Fighter-bombers hit concentrations, supply and ammunition dumps, and rail targets at Lashio.

November 27, 1944
(14th AF) Eight pound warehouses at Lashio.
(10th AF) fFghter-bombers attack personnel and supply areas at Old Lashio.

November 29, 1944
(14th AF) Eight B-25s hit Lashio.

November 30, 1944
(10th AF) Bombers and fighters bomb five warehouses and several other buildings at Lashio.

December 1, 1944
(14th AF) Fighter-bombers hit trucks, locomotives, and villages in between Lashio and Hsenwi.
(10th AF) P-47s hit town areas, troops, warehouses, and supply dumps at Old Lashio.

December 2, 1944
(14th AF) P-51s, P-40s, and P-38s on armed reconnaissance attack from Wanling to Lashio and Lashio.
(10th AF) Fighter-bombers fly close support strikes against Old Lashio. Sixteen fighter-bombers hit rolling stock on the rail line between Hsipaw and Lashio.

December 4, 1944
(14th AF) B-25s and 12 P-40s hit bridges, buildings, and river, road, and rail traffic at Lashio.

December 7, 1944
(14th AF) Eight B-25s hit a storage area at Lashio.

December 11, 1944
(14th AF) B-25s bomb Lashio.

December 12, 1944
(10th AF) Twelve B-25s bomb several storage areas north of Lashio.

December 15, 1944
(10th AF) Thirteen P-47s hit Lashio Airfield.

December 20, 1944
(14th AF) P-51s and P-40s on armed reconnaissance hit road, rail, and river traffic and other targets of opportunity at Lashio.

December 21, 1944
(10th AF) Twelve P-47s bomb and strafe the Lashio area.

December 24, 1944
(10th AF) Eight P-47s strafe Lashio Airfield.

December 25, 1944
(10th AF) Eight others sweep Burma Road stretches and strafe Lashio Airfield.

December 28, 1944
(10th AF) P-47s damage a bypass road at Lashio.

January 2, 1945
(10th AF) Lashio area is hit by P-47s and P-38s.

January 11, 1945
(10th AF) 12 B-25s bomb storage buildings in the Lashio area.

January 12, 1945
(10th AF) Fighter-bombers hit targets near Lashio.

January 22, 1945
(10th AF) P-47s hit targets near Lashio.

February 6, 1945
(10th AF) 86 P-47s and P-38s and 25 B-25s pound troop concentrations, supplies, and AA positions in the Lashio area.

February 9, 1945
(10th AF) Two B-25s pound trucks, gun positions, and buildings during a road sweep from Hsipaw to Loilem to Lashio.

February 14, 1945
(10th AF) B-25s attack vehicles along roads at Lashio.

February 15, 1945
(10th AF) Twelve B-25s hit buildings, troops, and other targets of opportunity during a sweep from Lashio to Loilem.

February 16, 1945
(10th AF) Twelve B-25s bomb troops, storage areas, and vehicles during offensive reconnaissance along roads south of Lashio and from Hsenwi to Loilem.

February 23, 1945
(10th AF) 20+ P-47s support ground forces in the Mongmit sector and near Lashio.

February 24, 1945
(10th AF) Eight P-47s in close support of the ground forces near Lashio pound vehicle and a troop concentration.

February 25, 1945
(10th AF) 31 P-47s support the Chinese 38th and 50th Divisions near Lashio.

February 26, 1945
(10th AF) 8 P-47s support the MARS Task Force, a composite Chinese-American force, in the Lashio sector.

March 1, 1945
(10th AF) Sixteen fly close support strikes near Lashio.

March 7, 1945
(Chinese Army) Elements of the 38th Division occupy Lashio.

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