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American missions against Rangoon
December 29, 1942 - March 22, 1945

April 3, 1942
(10th AF) Six B-17's from Asansol bomb warehouses and docks at Rangoon, starting three large fires; one B-17 fails to return.

April 16, 1942
(10th AF) Six B-17's take off from Dum Dum Airfield near Calcutta to bomb Rangoon. The six B-17's are guided by flares, bomb the target; numerous searchlights make it impossible to estimate the bombing results.

April 29, 1942
(10th AF) A flight of B-17's bomb the dock area at Rangoon.

May 9, 1942
(10th AF) B-17s bomb docks at Rangoon at night.

May 24-25, 1942
(10th AF) 4 B-17s bomb the city during the night.

June 1, 1942
(10th AF) Five heavy bombers attack the Rangoon dock and harbor area, claiming one tanker sunk and another left listing.

June 4, 1942
(10th AF) Two heavy bombers bomb Rangoon, Burma, but are attacked by 10 fighters; 1 heavy bomber is shot down and the other badly damaged. This raid ends 2 months of harassing strikes against Rangoon; soon all heavy bombers are grounded by the monsoons. This raid ends two months of harassing strikes against Rangoon; soon all heavy bombers are grounded by the monsoons

December 29, 1942
(10th AF) Twelve B-24s attack shipping in the vicinity of Rangoon.

January 4, 1943
(10th AF) Heavy bombers also damage a 15,000-ton transport at the mouth of the Rangoon River.

January 15, 1943
(10th AF) Six B-24s hit shipping in the Rangoon area, claiming one vessel sunk and another damaged.

January 24, 1943
(10th AF) The 492d Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), 7th Bombardment Group (Heavy), not previously tried in battle, borrows four B-24s and one crew from the 436th Bombardment Squadron and mounts a nine-plane strike docks at Rangoon. Hits are scored on the wharves, storage areas and a 6,000-ton vessel in the harbor.

January 25, 1943
(10th AF) Six B-24s pound the Rangoon dock area.

January 26, 1943
(10th AF) Seven B-24s bomb shipping and the dock area at Rangoon

February 1, 1943
(10th AF) Seven B-24s bomb the Arakan tea sheds on the Rangoon River near Rangoon Harbor

February 5, 1943
(10th AF) Six B-24s bomb the railroad station area at Rangoon.

February 8, 1943
(10th AF) 18 B-24s of the India Air Task Force pound the Rangoon marshalling yard, wrecking locomotive ships and destroying the railroad station.

February 12, 1943
(10th AF) Twelve other B-24s bomb the Mahlwagon marshaling yard and railway station at Rangoon.

February 13, 1943
(10th AF) Seven heavy bombers bomb the Rangoon marshalling yard, scoring over 30 direct hits on the target.]

February 22, 1943
(10th AF) B-24s mine the Gulf of Martaban between Pagoda Point and the mouth of the Rangoon River during the night of 22/23 Feb. Twenty four B-24s and RAF Liberators fly a diversionary strike against the city of Rangoon and the Mingaladon Airfield.

March 3, 1943
(10th AF) Thirteen B-24s bomb the Mahlwagon marshalling yard and the dock area at Rangoon

March 10, 1943
(10th AF) Heavy bombers strike the Rangoon area at two points. Five B-24s hit the Pazundaung bridge; 4 others pound runways, buildings. and revetments at Mingaladon Airfield.

March 26, 1943
(10th AF) Six B-24's mine the Rangoon River during the night of 26/27 March. Six others fly a diversion raid on the city of Rangoon, scoring hits on Mingaladon Airfield, between the central railroad station and Pazundaung Creek, and in the Syriam area.

March 27, 1943
(10th AF) Five B-24's mine the Rangoon River for the second consecutive night.

April 16, 1943
(10th AF) Eight B-24's hit the Rangoon Marshaling Yard

April 19, 1943
(10th AF) Nine B-24's bomb Rangoon main railroad station.

April 30, 1943
(10th AF) Five B-24's bomb the Sule Pagoda wharves at Rangoon

July 31, 1943 - August 1, 1943
(10th AF) Nine B-24's mine the Rangoon River during the night of 31 Jul/1 Aug.

August 16, 1943
(10th AF) Bombers hit and claim two small vessels sunk about 130 miles south of Rangoon.

September 7-8, 1943
(10th AF) Six B-24's mine the Rangoon River during the night of 8/9 Sep

September 8-9, 1943
(10th AF) B-24's again mine the Rangoon River during the night of 8/9 Sep.

November 6-7, 1943
(10th AF) Two B-24's lay mines in the Rangoon River during the night of 6/7 Nov.

November 13-14, 1943
(10th AF) A single B-24 mines the Rangoon River during the night of 13/14 Nov.

November 25, 1943
(10th AF) B-24's of the 308th Bombardment Group (Heavy), borrowed from the Fourteenth Air Force, are unable to bomb Rangoon because of bad weather, but B-25's, covered by P-51's, manage to hit Mingaladon airfield, damaging the field and claiming two airplanes destroyed. Japanese fighters intercept and in the ensuing battle the B-25's and P-51's claim 2 shot down; 2 P-51's are lost including P-51A Mustang 43-6069 (pilot POW, MIA)

November 28, 1943
(10th AF) B-24's heavily damage the Botataung docks at Rangoon; the B-24's claim 4 interceptors shot down.

December 4, 1943
(10th AF) Five B-24's mine the Rangoon River

December 5, 1943
(10th AF) During the night of 5/6 Dec, five B-24's lay mines in the Rangoon River.

January 10, 1944
(10th AF) B-24's lay mines in the Rangoon River estuary

February 29, 1944
(RAF) Liberators bomb Rangoon. Over the target, intercepted by Ki-43 Oscars. Shot down is Liberator "Daring Diana" BZ96.

March 15, 1944
(10th AF) 31 B-24s and 20+ Royal Air Force (RAF) Wellingtons and Beaufighters pound supply dumps and targets of opportunity in the Rangoon

March 16, 1944
(10th AF) Six B-25s damage a bridge at Nattalin near Rangoon.

March 22, 1944
(10th AF) Near Rangoon four B-24s set fire to the target

March 29, 1944
(10th AF) Twelve B-24s pound the Victoria Lake region near Rangoon

April 1, 1944
(10th AF) Near Rangoon, 16 B-24s hit a railroad station

April 12, 1944
(10t h AF) Two B-25s others damage the Pyu bridge near Rangoon

April 16, 1944
(10th AF) 9 P-38s destroy 3 medium bombers at Zayatkwin near Rangoon.

February 11, 1945
(20th AF) Mission 36: 56 of 59 B-29s bomb storage dumps around Rangoon; they claim 0-0-3 Japanese aircraft; no B-29s are lost; the mission is flown in conjunction with B-24s of the Eastern Air Command's Strategic AF which also hit the target.

March 17, 1945
(20th AF) Mission 44: In Burma, 70 of 77 B-29s hit a storage dump at Rangoon; 2 others bomb targets of opportunity, the Sagyi Airfield and warehouses at Bassein without loss.

March 22, 1945
(20th AF) Mission 45: 76 of 78 B-29s, operating in 2 waves, blast storage dumps at Rangoon, Burma without loss

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