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American missions against Hankow and Hankow Airfield
July 1, 1942–August 2, 1945

July 1, 1942
(10th AF) 4 B-25s from Hengyang, escorted by P-40s, bomb docks at Hankow; bad weather handicaps the bombardiers, and the effects of the raid are inconsequential.

July 2, 1942
(10th AF) B-25s and P-40s hit the Hankow dock area for the second consecutive day. This raid, more successful than the first, causes considerable damage.

July 16, 1942
(10th AF) 4 B-25s with P-40 escort, bomb a storage area at Hankow, starting a fire that is later reported to have burned 3 days.

August 10, 1942
(10th AF) B-25s bomb Hankow.

July 25, 1943
(14th AF) 9 B-25's, escorted by 17 P-40's and P-38's, bomb Hankow Airfield.

July 26, 1943
(14th AF) 5 B-25's, escorted by 12 fighters, bomb Hankow Airfield. An estimated 30-50 fighters intercept the force; the B-25's and fighters claim 14 airplanes shot down and 17 probably destroyed; 1 P-40 is lost.

August 21, 1943
(14th AF) 14 B-24's, 7 B-25's, and 11 P-40's attack docks at Hankow and Hankow Airfield; a large force of fighters, estimated at 50+, attacks the B-24 formation, shooting down 2 of the B-24's; gunners on the B-24's claim 40+ fighters shot down.

August 24, 1943
(14th AF) 7 B-24's and 6 B-25's, escorted by 22 P-40's and P-38's, bomb airfields at Hankow and Wuchang; 4 B-24's are lost; they claim 24 enemy interceptors shot down.

August 27, 1943
(14th AF) 6 P-40's hit communication lines between Yoyang and Hankow.

September 10, 1943
(14th AF) 10 B-25's and 7 P-40's hit a cotton warehouse N of Wuchang and docks at Hankow; 9 of 20 intercepting Zekes are claimed destroyed.

September 11, 1943
(14th AF) 10 B-25's and 11 P-40's attack the Hankow docks.

December 9, 1943
(14th AF) 15 B-25's bomb Wuchang and Hankow.

December 11, 1943
(14th AF) 3 B-24's bomb Hankow Airfield.

December 12, 1943
(14th AF) 9 B-24's bomb Hankow Airfield.

May 6, 1944
(14th AF) 14 B-25s and 25 fighter-bombers pound Hankow Airfield and surrounding area at Hankow.

May 31, 1944
(14th AF) Four B-25s bomb Hankow Airfield.

June 9, 1944
(14th AF) P-40s, P-51s and B-25s attack Hankow Airfield.

June 10, 1944
(14th AF) B-25s, P-40s, P-51s and P-38s attack Hankow Airfield revetments and buildings.

June 23, 1944
(14th AF) Twenty B-24s bomb docks at Hankow.

June 26, 1944
(14th AF) Fourteen B-24s blast Hankow, causing heavy damage and fires.

July 7, 1944
(20th AF) Three B-29s attack secondary including Hankow.

July 10, 1944
(14th AF) P-40s and 6 B-25s bomb Hankow Airfield.

July 28, 1944
(14th AF) B-25s in groups of 1 to 3 bomb Hankow Airfield.

July 29, 1944
(14th AF) B-24s bomb Hankow Airfield.

July 31, 1944
(14th AF) B-25s, operating individually or in pairs, bomb Hankow.

August 8, 1944
(14th AF) Twelve P-40s attack river shipping from Sinti to Hankow.

August 20, 1944
(14th AF) P-40s and P-51s attack targets between Hankow and Chinchiang.

August 21, 1944
(14th AF) Fighter-bombers hit targets between Hankow and Sinti.

August 27, 1944
(14th AF) B-25s hit road and river traffic in the Hankow area.

August 28, 1944
(14th AF) B-25s bomb Hankow, others attack river and road traffic from Chiuchiang to Hankow.

August 29, 1944
(14th AF) B-25s bomb Hankow Airfield. Others hit targets from Hankow to Chinchiang.

August 30, 1944
(14th AF) B-25s attack Hankow Airfield.

September 22, 1944
(14th AF) Twenty-four B-24s pound Hankow, while P-40s and P-51s hit Hankow.

November 10, 1944
(14th AF) P-40s, P-38s, and P-51s on armed reconnaissance hit Hankow.

November 19, 1944
(14th AF) Nineteen P-40s blast troops and river, rail, and road traffic in the Hankow area.

November 22, 1944
(14th AF) Twenty-two B-24s bomb Hankow.

November 24, 1944
(14th AF) Twenty-one B-24s bomb the warehouse area and docks at Hankow. Other B-25s hit targets of opportunity in the Hankow.

December 10, 1944
(14th AF) Twenty-five B-24s bomb the city of Hankow.

December 18, 1944
(14th AF) Thirty-three B-24s bomb barracks and administrative buildings at Hankow, escorted by P-40s and P-51s.
(20th AF) Mission 21: 94 B-29s, flying out of the Chengtu area, are dispatched to drop incendiaries on the docks at Hankow.

December 23, 1944
(14th AF) Sixteen P-51s over Wuchang and Hankow damage 2 ferry ramps and blast 3 oil dumps.

December 31, 1944
(14th AF) P-40s and P-51s attack railroad targets around Hankow.

January 3, 1945
(14th AF) Six P-51s claim several river steamers sunk in the Hankow-Chiuchiang area. P-40s, P-51s, and P-47s on armed reconnaissance attack various targets of opportunity in the Wuchang-Hankow.

January 4, 1945
(14th AF) Twenty other fighters hit targets of opportunity around Lohochai, Sinyang and Hankow.

January 6, 1945
(14th AF) P-40s, P-51s, and P-47s pound the Hankow area.

January 14, 1945
(14th AF) 42 P-47s, P-40s, and P-51s attack Wuchang Airfield and Hankow Airfield.

January 15, 1945
(14th AF) 18 B-25s, supported by 20 P-51s and P-40s, attack Hankow.

January 16, 1945
(14th AF) B-25s and 8 P-40s destroy a train north of Hankow.

January 21, 1945
(14th AF) Targets of opportunity along the Yangtze River to Hankow.

January 29, 1945
(14th AF) Fighters hit Hankow.

January 30, 1945
(14th AF) 27 B-24s, escorted by 32 P-40s and P-51s, bomb Hankow.

February 11, 1945
(14th AF) Twenty-three P-47s pound Hankow Airfield.

February 15, 1945
(14th AF) Fifteen fighter-bombers attack railroad targets at Saiping, in the Hankow area. Other fighter-bombers attack targets along the Yangtze River from Wuhu to Hankow.

February 16, 1945
(14th AF) Fighter-bombers attack rail and river traffic from Wuhu to Hankow.

February 17, 1945
(14th AF) Sixteen P-47s hit the Hankow.

February 22, 1945
(14th AF) Fighter-bombers hit Hankow.

February 23, 1945
(14th AF) Eight P-51s hit river traffic from Nanking to Hankow.

March 6, 1945
(14th AF) Fighter-bombers hit road traffic around Hankow.

March 10, 1945
(14th AF) Fighter-bombers hit Hankow.

March 28, 1945
(14th AF) Fighter-bombers attack Hankow.

March 30, 1945
(14th AF) Two B-25s bomb Hankow Airfield while fighter-bombers attack rivercraft especially around Hankow.

April 3, 1945
(14th AF) Fighter-bombers hit Hankow.

May 12, 1945
(14th AF) B-25s and P-51s hit Hankow.

May 13, 1945
(14th AF) Ten B-25s and five fighters knock out bridges at Hankow.

May 21, 1945
(14th AF) Eight B-25s bomb a bridge approach north of Hankow.

May 26, 1945
(14th AF) B-25s and 6 P-51s damage two bridges north of Hankow.

June 8, 1945
(14th AF) P-51s and P-40s attack bridges near Hankow.

June 9, 1945
(14th AF) P-47s, P-51s, and P-40s hit Hankow.

June 14, 1945
(14th AF) P-51s attack Hankow.

June 17, 1945
(14th AF) P-51s, P-47s, and P-61s hit Hankow.

June 19, 1945
(14th AF) Five B-25s and 4 P-47s knock out a bridge on the Pinghan railroad spanning from Hankow.

June 20, 1945
(14th AF) P-51s hit Hankow and destroy a bridge at Hankow and several others are damaged.

July 2, 1945
(14th AF) P-51s hit Hankow.

July 3, 1945
(14th AF) P-51s and P-47s hit Hankow.

July 9, 1945
(14th AF) P-51s and P-38s hit targets of opportunity around Hankow.

July 30, 1945
(14th AF) P-51s, P-38s, and P-61s hit Hankow.

July 31, 1945
(14th AF) P-47s and P-51s hit targets including Hankow.

August 2, 1945
(14th AF) P-47s and P-51s hit targets including Hankow.

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