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American missions against Wuchang and Wuchang Airfield
September 2, 1942–July 21, 1945

September 2, 1942
(10th AF) P-40s wreck a train on Wuchang Peninsula.

August 24, 1943
(14th AF) B-24's and B-25's, escorted by P-40's and P-38's, bomb Wuchang Airfield and Hankow Airfield; 4 B-24's are lost; they claim 24 enemy interceptors shot down.

September 1, 1943
(14th AF) Fighter-bombers then heavily damage a small steamer at Wuchang.

September 10, 1943
(14th AF) Ten B-25's and seven P-40's hit a cotton warehouse N of Wuchang.

September 11, 1943
(14th AF) Ten B-25's and eleven P-40's attack the Hankow docks and Wuchang cotton mills.

September 15, 1943
(14th AF) Six B-25's and fourteen P-40's attack a cotton mill in the Wuchang area.

December 9, 1943
(14th AF) B-25's bomb Wuchang.

December 13, 1943
(14th AF) Eight B-25's pound Wuchang Airfield.

June 9, 1944
(14th AF) P-40s, P-51s and B-25s attack Wuchang Airfield.

June 10, 1944
(14th AF) B-25s, P-40s, P-51s and P-38s hit Wuchang Airfield revetments and buildings.

June 13, 1944
(14th AF) Eighteen B-25s and 56 fighter-bombers pound the marshalling yard at Wuchang.

July 10, 1944
(14th AF) P-40s and 6 B-25s hit Wuchang Airfield.

July 30, 1944
(14th AF) Eleven B-24s pound the town of Wuchang.

July 31, 1944
(14th AF) Twelve B-24s bomb the Wuchang railroad yards and Wuchang Airfield.

August 1, 1944
(14th AF) Eight B-25s bomb Wuchang Airfield.

November 24, 1944
(14th AF) B-25s bomb a storage area near Lashio, Burma, targets of opportunity in the Hankow, China area, and the towns of Wanling and Wan Lai-Kam, Burma, and Siangtan, and Wuchang.

December 18, 1944
(14th AF) Twenty-three B-25s hit Wuchang, escorted by P-40s and P-51s.

December 23, 1944
(14th AF) Sixteen P-51s over Wuchang and Hankow damage 2 ferry ramps and blast 3 oil dumps.

January 3, 1945
(14th AF) P-40s, P-51s, and P-47s on armed reconnaissance attack various targets of opportunity in the Wuchang-Hankow area.

January 5, 1945
(14th AF) P-40s and P-51s hit Hankow Airfield and Wuchang Airfield, claiming 50 aircraft destroyed in the air and on the ground.

January 6, 1945
(14th AF) 40 P-40s, P-51s, and P-47s pound the Hankow-Wuchang area; 9 aircraft are claimed destroyed.

January 14, 1945
(14th AF) P-47s, P-40s, and P-51s attack Wuchang Airfield and Hankow Airfield. On the ground, the 48th Sentai and 25th Sentai suffered heavy losses including Lt. Hazawa, Iwataro, who was shot down and killed by Mustangs of the 23rd FG, 118th TRS.

January 17, 1945
(14th AF) P-40s, P-51s, and P-38s hit a large number of targets of opportunity including Wuchang Airfield.

February 17, 1945
(14th AF) Sixteen P-47s hit the Hankow-Wuchang area.

March 10, 1945
(14th AF) Fighter-bombers hit Wuchang.

March 28, 1945
(14th AF) Fighter-bombers hit Wuchang Airfield.

March 30, 1945
(14th AF) Fighter-bombers hit rivercraft around Hankow to Wuchang.

April 12, 1945
(14th AF) Twelve B-24s supported by fourteen P-51s, bomb the Wuchang railroad yards and Wuchang Airfield.

April 26, 1945
(14th AF) B-25s and four P-47s knock out bridges near Wuchang.

May 28, 1945
(14th AF) B-25s, along with 8 fighter-bombers demolish a tunnel opening near Wuchang. Sixteen P-51s cause heavy damage and casualties blasting a bridge and military installations near Wuchang.

July 10, 1945
(14th AF) 22 P-51s and P-38s bomb warehouses at Wuchang.

July 20, 1945
(14th AF) B-25s and six P-51s hit truck convoys around Wuchang.

July 21, 1945
(14th AF) B-25s and P-51s bomb a HQ near Wuchang.

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