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American missions against Moen Island and Moen 1 Airfield and Moen 2 Airfield and Moen Seaplane Base
March 30, 1944–June 27, 1945

March 30, 1944
(13th AF) Eleven B-24s fly a long-range strike against Moen.

April 25, 1944
(13th AF) Just before dawn B-24s hit Moen.

April 27, 1944
(13th AF) B-24s bomb Moen in Truk Atoll in the early morning.

September 25, 1944
(7th AF) During the night of 25/26 Sepember Kwajalein based B-24s stage through Eniwetok on a strike at shipping at Truk; failing to locate the primary targets the B-24s bomb Moen and other targets.

October 4, 1944
(7th AF) B-24s from the Marshall bomb Moen Airfield.

November 22, 1944
(7th AF) B-24s from Saipan escorted by 22 P-38s (the first long-range P-38 escort of Seventh AF bombers), bomb Moen Airfield.

December 18, 1944
(7th AF) Six Guam based B-24s flying armed photo reconnaissance over Moen Airfield and other targets.

January 14, 1945
(7th AF) 22 B-24s from Saipan and 21 from Guam bomb Moen Airfield

January 21, 1945
(20th AF) Mission 21: 30 of 33 B-29s, flying out of the Marianas bomb Moen Airfield.

February 8, 1945
(20th AF) Mission 27: 30 of 31 B-29s from the Mariana bomb Moen Airfield No. 1.

February 9, 1945
(20th AF) Mission 28: 29 XXI Bomber Command B-29s hit Moen for the second consecutive day, bombing Moen Airfield Number 2.

February 15, 1945
(7th AF) 4 B-24s from Guam, escorting photo aircraft bomb Moen Airfield.

February 18, 1945
(20th AF) Mission 36: 36 Mariana based B-29s bomb Moen Airfield No. 1 and Moen Airfield No. 2 without loss.

February 21, 1945
(7th AF) P-38s from Guam escort photo aircraft over Truk and strafe aircraft on Moen.

April 28, 1945
(7th AF) 20 P-47s from Saipan sweep Truk, strafing small vessels and Moen Airfield.

April 29, 1945
(7th AF) 20 Saipan based P-47s sweep Truk, strafing airfields, defenses, and gun positions on Moen.

April 30, 1945
(7th AF) B-24s from Guam pound the airfields on Moen Airfield.

May 1, 1945
(7th AF) During the night 9 more, flying individual snooper strikes, hit Moen Airfield and other targets.

May 2, 1945
(7th AF) During the night of 2/3 May, nine B-24s make individual harassment bombings on Moen.

May 3, 1945
(7th AF) During the night of 3/4 May, 8 B-24s separately strike airfields including Moen Airfield.

May 6, 1945
(7th AF) 18 P-47s from Saipan sweep Truk, strafing Moen Airfield, and shipping off Moen and other targets.

May 7, 1945
(7th AF) 16 Saipan based P-47s strafe a radio station, airfield installations, and gun positions on Moen.

May 9, 1945
(7th AF) 29 B-24s from Guam, operating in 3 forces over a 6-hour period, bomb airfields, barracks, and targets of opportunity on Moen.

May 10, 1945
(7th AF) During the afternoon, B-24s flying in 2 forces, hit Moen Airfield.

May 13, 1945
(7th AF) Ten B-24s from Guam bomb a underground hangar on Moen.

May 20, 1945
(7th AF) Saipan based P-47s strafe on Moen Airfield.

May 23, 1945
(7th AF) P-47s from Saipan strafe Moen Airfield.

May 26, 1945
(7th AF) P-47s from Saipan strafe Moen Airfield.

May 27, 1945
7th AF) 16 Saipan based P-47s sweep Truk Atoll, strafing the airfield, aircraft, and radio tower and facilities on Moen.

June 2, 1945
(7th AF) Eleven Guam based B-24s attack Moen Airfield.

June 13, 1945
(7th AF) Thirteen B-24s from Guam bomb bomb Moen Airfield.

June 27, 1945
(7th AF) At midday 18 B-24s pound Moen Airifeld.


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