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    Kornasoren Airfield (Yebrurro) Biak Numfor Regency | Papua Province Indonesia
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U.S. Army 1944
Lat 0° 56' 11S Long 134° 52' 19E  Kornasoren Airfield is located at an elevation of 13' above sea level near Kornasoren parallel to the northeast coast of Noemfoor Island (Noemfoer, Noemfor). Also known as Yebrurro Airfield for nearby Yebruro village. To the southwest is Kamiri and Kamiri Airfield. Prewar and during the Pacific War, located in Dutch New Guinea (DNG) in the Netherlands East Indies (NEI). Today located in Biak Numfor Regency in Papua Province in Indonesia.

Built by the Japanese with a single runway running roughly east to west.

Wartime History
Used by the Japanese as a military airfield. Starting in late June 1944 attacked by American bombers and fighters until captured on July 4, 1944.

American missions against Kornasoren (Yebrurro)
June 24 - July 4, 1944

On July 4, 1944 captured by the U.S. Army. Afterwards, repaired and expanded with taxiways, revetments and roads to the south. Used by American fighters and light bombers until the end of the Pacific War.

Dena "Thumper" Huitt 41st FS adds:
"We moved to Noemfoor until August 16, 1944 according to my diary. We did have a plane burn on Noemfoor during preflight and never did know the real cause. I don' think we lost any planes by bombing raids on Noemfoor."

American units based at Kornasoren Airfield
Far East Air Force (FEAF) / 5th Air Force (5th AF)
35th FG, 41st FS (P-47) from Nadzab August 16 - Sept 17, 1944 to Owi
348th FG HQ Wakde Aug 26- Nov 16, 44 to Tacloban
348th FG, 340th FS (P-47) Wakde Aug 24 - Nov 30, 1944 to Tacloban
348th FG, 341th FS (P-47) Wakde Aug 24 - Nov 30, 1944 to Tacloban
348th FG, 342nd FS (P-47) Wakde Sept 22 - Dec. 1, 1944 to Tacloban
348th FG, 460th FS (P-47) ? - Nov 10, 1944 to Tacloban
417th BG, HQ (A-20) Saidor September 9 - October 6, 1944 Tacloban
417th BG, 672nd BS (A-20) Saidor September 8 - October 6, 1944 Tacloban
417th BG, 673rd BS (A-20) Saidor September 8 - October 6, 1944 Tacloban
417th BG, 674th BS (A-20) Saidor September 8 - October 6, 1944 Tacloban
417th BG, 675th BS (A-20) Saidor September 15 - October 6, 1944 Tacloban
5th BG, 394th BS (B-24) Wakde September 27 - November 1, 1944 Morotai
35th FG, 39th FS (P-47) Nadzab August 7, 1944 - Sept 12, 1944 to Owi
403rd TCG, 64th TCS (C-47) Biak October 29, 1944 - January 3, 1945 Biak
403rd TCG, 63th TCS (C-47) ? - Dec 31, 44 Biak
309th BW HQ Saidor July 28 - Nov 9, 1944 to Owi
58th FG, 69th FS, 310th FS, 311th FS (P-47) Saidor Aug 30, 1944 - November 19, 1944 San Pablo
Far East Air Force (FEAF) / 13th Air Force (13th AF)
4th PG, 17th PRS, (F-5s detachment) Fighter 2 October 8, 1944–October 23, 1944 Sansapor/Morotai
18th FG, 419th FS (P-61) Guadalcanal July 26 - Nov 27, 1944 Morotai
307th BG, 424th BS (B-24) Wakde Sept 26, 1944 - November 8, 1944 Wakde
307th BG, 370th BS (B-24) Wakde Sept 20, 1944 - November 12, 1944 Wakde
307th BG, 371st BS (B-24) Wakde Sept 18, 1944 - November 21, 1944 Morotai
307th BG, 372nd BS (B-24) Wakde September 20, 1944 - November 21, 1944 Morotai
13th AF HQ Hollandia September 23, 1944 - October 29, 1944
42nd BG, 868th BS (B-24 Snoopers) Los Negros Aug 29, 1944 - March 22, 1945 Morotai
5th BG, 23rd BS (B-24) Wakde Sept 30 - October 16, 1944 Morotai
5th BG, 31st BS (B-24) Wakde Sept 26 - October 16, 1944 Morotai
5th BG, 72nd BS (B-24) Wakde Sept 27 - October 24, 1944 Morotai
5th BG, 394th (B-24) Wakde Sept 27 - November 1, 1944 Morotai

Post War
During the 1950s, Australians used Kornasoren as a location to collect wartime scrap metal and aircraft. At this location a smelter operated to melt down aircraft into aluminum ingots. The smelter is still there, amongst the remains of some hanger ironwork which is scattered around.

Still in use today as Kornasoren Airport as a small airport. Also known as Yebruro Airport for nearby Yebruro village. The single runway is oriented 27/09 measures 5,757' x 62' surfaced with asphalt. Airport codes: FAA: WA23, IATA: FOO.

Elliott Smock visited in 2000:
There were three airfields on Numfoor, two were abandoned there is nothing left, while the Americans developed."

C-47 Skytrain
Fuselage abandoned at the airfield

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April 19, 2021


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Map 1944

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