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    Karachi Airfield (Jinnah International Airport) Sindh Province Pakistan

8th PRG c1942
Lat 24° 54' 23N 67° 9' 39E  Karachi Airfield is located at 100' above sea level in the center of Karachi in Sindh Province in Pakistan. Prewar and during World War II, Karachi was part of India. Still in use today as Jinnah International Airport or Jinnah Airport in Sindh Province in Pakistan.

Built prewar as a civilian airport. On June 15, 1937 at night Lockheed Model 10E Electra 1055 piloted by Amelia Earhart lands at Karachi Airport after flying 1,400 miles from Assab, Eritrea and flying over the Red Sea and north of the Gulf of Aden before landing safely at Karachi Airport. On June 16, 1937 at 7:25am took off from Karachi Airport on a 1,350 mile flight eastward to Calcutta, India the next day.

Wartime History
During World War II, Allied Lend Lease aircraft arrived at Karachi before being flown to China. One shipment included over a hundred Vultee P-66 Vanguards that were delivered to Karachi for China to equip the 3rd American Volunteer Group (AVG); however, plans for additional groups were dropped at the start of the Pacific War.

During 1942, Karachi Airfield was used by the US Army Air Force (USAAF) as part of the ferry route for aircraft flying from the United States via Brazil and Africa to forward bases.

On March 12, 1942 ten crated P-40 Warhawks arrived by ship from Australia to Karachi. During May 1942 USS Ranger CV-4 ferried sixty P-40s across the Atlantic to the Gold Coast of Africa where they were flown to Karachi and assigned to the 10th Air Force.

On October 3, 1942 the Indian Air Task Force (IATF) was activated, including all units based at Karachi including the 7th Bombardment Group, 51st Fighter Group, 341st Bombardment Group.

American units based at Karachi Airfield
U.S. Army Air Force (USAAF)
7th BG, 88th RS/436th BS (B-17E) Brisbane Feb 4, 1942 Garbutt March 14, 1942 - ?
7th BG, 9th BS (B-17E / B-24) Brisbane Feb 4, 1942 / ground echelon Lahabad / air echelon Baumrauli April 27, 1942 Lydda, Palestine Oct 5, 1942 - Nov 14, 1942 Gaya
7th BG, HQ Australia arrives March 12, 1942–May 30, 1942 departs Dum Dum returns Sept , 1942
51st PG, 16th PS (P-40) US arrives March 12, 1942June 27, 1942 departs Kunming
51st PG, 25th PS (P-40) US arrives March 12, 1942 - ?
51st PG, 26th PS (P-40) US March 13, 1942 - ?
51st FG, HQ US arrives March 14, 1942October 10, 1942 departs Dinjan
7th BG, 11th BS (B-17) US May 20 - 27, 1942 Lahabad
7th BG, 436th BS (B-17E) ? - June 1, 1942 Lahabad
7th BG, 22nd BS (B-25) USA arrives July 23, 1942 - ?
10th AF, 9th PRS (F-4) USA arrives July 24, 1942–November 30, 1942 Chakulia
341st BG, HQ activated September 15, 1942
341st BG, 490th BS (B-25) activated September 15, 1942 - January 5, 1943 Ondal
341st BG, 491th BS (B-25) activated September 15, 1942 - January 5, 1943 Ondal
341st BG, 11th BS (B-25 detachment) ? - ?
80th FG, HQ USA June 28-29, 1943 - ?
80th FG, 88th FS (P-40) USA June 28-29 - Aug 16 Gushkara returns Oct 1, 1943 Mokelbari
80th FG, 89th FS (P-40) USA arrives June 29, 1943–October 15, 1943 departs Gushkara
80th FG, 90th FS (P-40) USA June 28-29 - August 16 Gushkara returns Sept 12, 1943 Jorhat
80th FG, 459th (P-38) activated September 1, 1943–November 5, 1943 departs Kurmitola
51st FG, 26th FS (P-40) October 10, 1942 departs Dinjan
7th BG, 492nd BS (B-24) USA arrives October 25, 1942November 14, 1942 departs Gaya
7th BG, 493rd BS (B-24) activated October 25, 1942January 7, 1943 departs Pandaveswar
33rd FG, 59th FS (P-47D) Italy February 12, 1944 - ?
33rd FG, 59th FS (P-47D) Italy February 18, 1944 - ?
33rd FG, 60th FS (P-47D) Italy February 20, 1944 - ?
33rd FG, HQ Italy February 20, 1944 - April 18, 1944 Shwangliu
81st FG, 91st FS (P-47D) Italy Feb 25 - May 15, 1944 Kwanghan (A-3) June 1 Fungwanshan
81st FG, 93rd FS (P-47D) Italy March 1 - July 11, 1944 Kwanghan (A-3)
81st FG, HQ Italy March 2 - May 12 , 1944 Kwanghan (A-3)
81st FG, 92nd FS (P-47D) March 22, 1944 - ?

Still in use today as Karachi Airport a civilian airport and a port of entry for international flights. Renamed Muhammad Ali Jinnah Airport, in honor of the founder of Pakistan. Airport codes: ICAO: OPKC / IATA: KHI. The airport has two runways. The first is oriented 25L/07R measures 11,155' x 151' surfaced with concrete. The second is oriented 25R/07L measures 10,500' x 151' surfaced with concrete.

Karachi Airport - Official Website

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