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    San Jose Airfield (McGuire, Atkinson) Occidental Mindoro Philippines
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1945 via Rocker

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20th CMS c1945

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Dick Kustra 2001
Lat 12° 21' 41N Long 121° 2' 48E  San Jose Airfield is located at an elevation of 14' above sea level on the southern coast of Mindoro Island. To the east is San Jose. Borders Mindoro Strait to the west and south. To the southeast is Mangarin Bay.

After the U.S. Army landing on December 15, 1944 initially known as Atkinson Drome. Also known as San Jose Airfield, not to be confused with Old San Jose Airfield that was built prewar. During early January 1945 renamed "McGuire Drome". Still in use today as San Jose Airport in Occidental Mindoro in the Southwestern Tagalog Region (MIMAROPA Region) of the Philippines.

On December 15, 1944 after the U.S. Army landed at San Jose, this area was occupied and a single runway parallel to the coast was built at this location measuring 7,000' x 100' surfaced with gravel and asphalt with steel matting / Pierced Steel Plank (PSP).

Wartime History
San Jose Airfield was repaired and expanded for use by the U.S. Army Air Force (USAAF) bombers and fighters. The tower was code named "Vista".

Naming Honors
During January 1945 renamed "McGuire Drome" or "McGuire Field" in honor of Major Thomas B. McGuire, Jr Missing In Action (MIA) January 7, 1945 piloting P-38L Lightning 44-24845 on a fighter sweep over Negros.

In 1945, NATS (Naval Air Transport Service) operated three R4D shuttle flights daily to this airfield from Guiuan Airfield (Samar) delivering mail, personnel and equipment for the US Navy squadrons based at the airfield. A small detachment of NATS was based at the airfield consisting of 2 officers, 15 enlisted men to handle these flights specifically.

American units based at San Jose
13th AF, 418th NFS (ground echelon) Dulag arrived Dec 15, 1944 - July 9, 1945 departs Okinawa
417th BG, HQ Tacloban arrived Dec 2, 1944 - August 17, 1945 departs Okinawa
417th BG, 672th BS (A-20) Tacloban arrives December 22, 1944–August 17, 1945 departs Okinawa
417th BG, 673th BS (A-20) Tacloban arrives December 22, 1944–August 18, 1945 departs Okinawa
417th BG, 674th BS (A-20) Tacloban arrives December 22, 1944–August 15, 1945 departs Okinawa
417th BG, 675th BS (A-20) Tacloban arrives December 22, 1944–August 17, 1945 departs Okinawa
49th FG, 7th FS (P-38) Tacloban arrives December 30, 1944–February 25, 1945 departs Lingayen
49th FG, 9th FS (P-38) Tacloban arrives December 30, 1944–February 26 1945 departs Lingayen
10th BW (B-25s) Leyte December 15, 1944 - ?
8th FG, 35th FS (P-38) Morotai December 20, 1944 - ?
8th FG, 36th FS (P-38) Morotai December 20, 1944 - ?
8th FG, 80th FS (P-38) Morotai arrives December 20, 1944August 5, 1945 departs Ie Shima
58th FG, 311th FS San Roque arrives December 21, 1944 - April 7, 1945 departs Mangaldan
71st TRG, 17th RS Biak arrived December 23, 1944–?
71 TRG, 110 TRS (P-40) ? Nov 3 - December 25, 1944 departs San Jose
310th BW, 418th NFS (P-61) Morotai arrived December 26, 1944
71s TRG, 82nd TRS (F-6 & P-40) December 29, 1944–January 17, 1945 departs Lingayen
3rd BG, 8th BS (A-20) arrives December 30, 1944–August 1945 departs Okinawa
3rd BG, 89th BS (A-20) arrives December 30, 1944–August 1945 departs Okinawa
3rd BG, 90th BS (A-20) arrives December 30, 1944–August 1945 departs Okinawa
49th FG 8th FS (P-38) Tacloban January 2, 1945–February 27, 1945 departs Lingayen
6th PRG 25th PRS (F-5) January 3, 1945 - ?
71st TRG, 110th TRS (P-40) Tacloban arrives January 4, 1945–January 22, 1945 departs Lingayen
86th FW 547th NFS (P-38 & P-61) Owi arrives January 5, 1945–January 16, 1945 departs Lingayen
71st TRG, 17th BS (B-25) Tacloban arrives December 23, 1944April 4, 1945 departs Lingayen
312th BG 387th BS (A-20) Tanauan arrives January 25, 1945–?
90th BG 321st, 400th BS (B-24) Biak arrives January 26, 1945–August 15, 1945 departs Ie Shima
90th BG, 319th BS (B-24) ?–August 12, 1945 departs Ie Shima
312th BG 386th BS January 26, 1945–?
90th BG, 320th BS (B-24) Biak arrives January 27, 1945–?
312th BG, 388th BS (A-20) arrives January 27, 1945–February 11, 1945 departs Mangaldan
312th BG, 389th BS (A-20) Tanauan arrives January 27, 1945–Feb 11, 1945 departs Mangaldan
90th BG, 319th BS (B-24) Biak arrives January 29, 1945–?
380th BG, HQ Darwin arrives February 20, 1945–?
380th BG 528th BS (B-24) Darwin arrives February 21, 1945–?
380th BG 529th BS (B-24) Darwin arrives February 1 , 1945–August 12, 1945 departs Okinawa
380th BG 530th BS (B-24) Darwin arrives February 28, 1945–August 10, 1945 departs Okinawa
380th BG, 531st BS (B-24) Darwin arrives March 1, 1945–August 15, 1945 departs Okinawa
375th TCG Biak arrives February 17, 1945–August 8, 1945 departs Okinawa
347th FG 67th, 339th FS Middleburg arrives February 22, 1945–?
347th FG 67th, 68th FS Middleburg arrives February 22, 1945–?
20th CMS 6th PRG (F-7) Sansapor arrives February 24, 1945–?
18th FG 70th FS (P-38) Lingayen arrives February 26, 1945–May 4, 1945 departs Zamboanga (Wolfe)
18th FG 12th FS (P-38) Lingayen arrives February 27, 1945–?
475th FG 432nd FS (detachment) arrives February 27, 1945–?
VPB-117 (PB4Y) Tacloban arrives February 1945 - 1945

Still in use today and known as "San Jose Airport" and is classified as a small airport. The single runway is oriented 28/10 measures 6,024' x 98' surfaced with concrete. Airport codes: ICAO: RPUH IATA: SJI.

Airdromes Guide Southwest Pacific Area - 1 July 1945
Index to Air Bases - Research Report No. 85, I.G. No 9185 - July 30, 1944
Thanks to Tony Feredo for additional information

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