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Allied missions against Bonis and Bonis Airfield
October 29, 1943–June 14, 1944
October 29, 1943
(13th AF) B-25's and B-24's, along with 40+ USN aircraft, bomb the airfield on Buka and Bonis Airfield.

November 1, 1943
(USN) Task Force 38 (R. Adm Frederick Sherman) bombards Buka and Bonis, firing 2,700 rounds of 5" and 6" shells into the airfields, by cruisers USS Montpelier, Cleveland, Denver CL-58, Columbia and eight destroyers, then continues southward to bombard the Shortlands area. Aircraft from USS Saratoga and USS Princeton strike Buka and Bonis with two raids: the first with 18 fighters, 15 SBD, 11 TBFs. The second strike has 14 fighters, 21 SBD, 11 TBFs hits Buka.

November 2, 1943
(USN) Aircraft from USS Saratoga and USS Princeton strike Buka and Bonis with fighters, dive bombers and torpedo planes. A total of 11 USN planes are lost to all causes. They destroy an estimated 30 planes and several small ships.

November 6, 1943
(13th AF): Seventeen B-24's bomb Bonis Airfield.

November 8, 1943
(13th AF): Twenty-two B-24's bomb Bonis airfield

November 10, 1943
(USN) Buka-Bonis strike at 0810L/10 by 55 SBDs and 34 TBFs indicate an excellent coverage of the assigne targets. The SBDs carried 1,000 lb. instantaneous fused bombs and the TBFs carry 2,000 lb. 1/10 delay bombs. Photos after the strike show ten bomb craters on Bonis runways. Fires were started at both fields. A total of at least 38 hits by SBDs were made on or near AA positions in the area which appreciately lessened the volume of gun fire. A direct hit was made among a group of buildings located at the south center of the Bonis runway. AA was described as of moderate intensity and light medium and heavy caliber with very intense heavy AA from the north tip of Sohana Island. Escort of 54 fighters had no contacts nor sightings of enemy aircraft

November 12, 1943
(13th Air Force): Eight P-38's strafe Bonis Airfield.

November 13, 1943
(13th AF): Seventeen B-24's pound AA positions, dispersal areas, and runway at Bonis Airfield. Night fighters harass Bonis Airfield, claiming four grounded airplanes destroyed.

November 17, 1943
(13th AF): Eight other B-24's bomb Buka and Bonis at various times during the night of 16/17 Nov.

November 20, 1943
(13th AF): Forty-five B-25's, Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) Ventura's and P-38's attack Bonis Airfield.

November 23, 1943
(13th AF): B-24's hit Bonis Airfield

November 26, 1943
(13th AF): Buka Airfield and Bonis Airfield are hit by forty plus B-24's, thirty plus B-25's, and thirty plus fighter aircraft.

November 27, 1943
(13th AF): Nineteen B-24's bomb Bonis Airfield

December 3, 1943
(13th AF): Twenty-one B-24's pound Bonis

December 10, 1943
(13th AF): Night fighters carry out a strike on Buka and Bonis.

December 11, 1943
(13th AF) Allied night fighters carry out a strike on Bonis.

December 12, 1943
(13th AF) Nine B-25s with fighter support, bomb the supply area at Bonis.

December 13, 1943
(13th AF) Twenty-four B-24's bomb Bonis

December 16, 1943
(13th AF) Smaller flights of B-24's bomb Bonis Airfield. Fighter aircraft support USN dive bomber strikes on gun positions at Bonis.

December 18, 1943
(13th AF) Five B-24smore hit the Bonis supply area.

December 19, 1943
(13th AF) Planes on armed reconnaissance hit targets of opportunity at Bonis.

December 22, 1943
(13th AF) B-24's, operating individually and in pairs, attack targets of opportunity near Bonis.

December 28, 1943
(13th AF) Fourteen B-24's bomb supply areas at Bonis

January 4, 1944
(13th AF, RNZAF): P-39's, Ventura's, and night fighters, operating individually or in small flights, hit targets including Bonis.

February 10, 1944
(13th AF) P-39s hit buildings at Bonis.

May 8, 1944
(13th AF) B-25s bomb Bonis Airfield.

May 9, 1944
(13th AF) Ten P-38s and twelve B-25s bomb Bonis Airfield

May 13, 1944
(13th AF) Thirty plus fighter-bombers hit various targets, including a supply area southeast of Bonis

May 22, 1944
(13th AF) P-39s bomb the Bonis supply area.

June 14, 1944
(13th AF) P-39s fly twenty-seven sorties along the eastern shoreline of Bougainville from Bonis, hitting Bonis.

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