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American missions against Dagua and Dagua Airfield
May 28, 1943 - August 13, 1944

May 28, 1943
B-17's and B-24's attack Dagua and bomb the Wewak-Dagua coast road.

June 2, 1943
B-17's and B-24's bomb airfield at Dagua

June 4, 1943
B-17's and B-24's bomb airfield at Dagua

August 17, 1943
B-24's and B-17's make a predawn attack on Wewak and satellite airfields at Dagua. P-38's covering, carry out the day's second bombing and strafing strike on Dagua.

August 18, 1943
B-24's, B-25's, and B-17's, with cover of almost 100 fighters, blast airfields at Wewak, Boram, Dagua, and But. The midmorning attacks cause heavy destruction of Japanese airplanes on the ground, and US fighters and bombers claim 30+ enemy aircraft shot down.

August 21, 1943
Click For Enlargement(5th AF) 38th BG B-25's attack Dagua Airfield, with close escort by sixteen P-38s of the 80th FS. There were scattered clouds over the target and an overcast en route over the mountains. The formation was attacked by between 20 and 40 Ki-43 Oscars about 15 miles south of Dagua, eleven of which were claimed to have been shot down. Lost are P-38G piloted by Guttel, P-38 piloted by Feehan and P-38G piloted by Krisher also P-38F 42-12637 ditched, pilot DeGraffenreid survived. Japanese sources indicate 25 fighters intercepted from 13th Sentai (mostly flying Type 1 fighters at this time), 59th Sentai and 68th Sentai, and seven were lost (another source lists 6 pilots killed: 2 from 68th Sentai and three from 13th Sentai and one from 59th Sentai). Japanese claims 11 plus 4 uncertain.

August 30, 1943
(5th AF) B-24's bomb Dagua Airfield

September 26, 1943
(5th AF) B-24s bomb Dagua Airfiel. P-38's claim 9 enemy fighters shot down in the But-Dagua-Wewak areas

February 4, 1944
(5th AF) B-24s, A-20s. and B-25s bomb Dagua Airfield

February 14, 1944
(5th AF) A-20s with P-40 support, bomb and strafe Dagua Airfield destroying and damaging 20+ aircraft. Lost are P-40N 42-104986 and P-47D 42-22662

March 5, 1944
(5th AF) P-47 sweep the Wewak / Dagua area. Lost are P-47D "Fiery Ginger IV" 42-22668.

March 28, 1944
(5th AF) B-25s and A-20s attack Dagua. Lost is B-25D 41-30040

April 13, 1944
(5th AF) B-24s and A-20s pound the airfields at Dagua Airfield

April 23, 1944
(5th AF) B-24s bomb tracks and villages S of Dagua

April 26, 1944
(5th AF) B-25s and A-20s hit Dagua Airfield

April 27, 1944
(5th AF) B-24s, B-25s and A-20s attack Dagua Airfield

April 29, 1944
(5th AF) A-20s hit targets of opportunity between But and Dagua.

May 15, 1944
(5th AF) A-20s hit Dagua Airfield. Lost is A-20G "Sweet Milk / Baby Doll II" 43-9113 (MIA).

June 25, 1944
(FEAF) Attack of Fifth Air Force and RAAF aircraft; personnel areas at Dagua

July 4, 1944
(FEAF) personnel areas at Dagua are also attacked

July 5, 1944
(FEAF) A-20s and fighter-bombers hit dumps at Dagua

August 3, 1944
(FEAF) Fighter-bombers and A-20s continue to blast areas around Dagua

August 6, 1944
(FEAF) B-25s and fighters, hit gun positions at Dagua

August 8, 1944
(FEAF) B-25s and fighters, hit gun positions at Dagua

August 9, 1944
(FEAF) A-20s and fighter-bombers hit troops at Dagua

August 13, 1944
(FEAF & USN) P-39s cooperate with PT boats to hit Dagua personnel area

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