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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by vaughnh1 »

Greeting from Texas!

I have always been a history buff. I have researched a lot on my dad's unit, the Army's 63rd Infantry Division and happened to ran across this site while searching for WWII information. Very good site lots of information.


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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by alain »

hello I'm a french new member very interested by pacifc war history, specially air operations in australian waters and Netherland east indies.

thank you


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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by Edward »

Welcome Alain,

You have come to right place.

We welcome your questions and contributions.


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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by NickV »

Hello, new member NickV here. I'm quite interested in aircraft wrecks and aircraft armament and am restoring a B-17G Cheyenne tail gunners position. Next up is the tail gunner's compartment from B-29 42-24791 "The Big TIme Operator" that flew from North Field, Tinian Island with the 9th Bomb Group. "Big TIme Operator" made 46 missions over Japanese-held territory. This tail section came out of China Lake in about 1980 during one of the range clean-ups. Thanks, Justin and crew for a great site. Nick

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by Snottie »

From Snottie,

Gidday, my name is Chris Archer from Brisbane Australia. I am mailny interested in naval history. Two of my uncles fought in the Pacific, one with 9th Division AIF in New Guinea and Borneo and the other with RAAF(Catalinas) in Tulagi, the Solomons and New Guinea New Britian etc.

Interested to see how this forum works.

Brenden S
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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by Brenden S »

Hi everyone,

I am Brenden from over in Perth. I am currently doing some research on purchasing a wreck and restoring it to airworthy. I am also a LAME.

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by b24copilotniece »

Hello to everyone here in this forum. I am known always as b24copilotniece in honor of my uncle, FO George F Churchwell, Jr who was killed as a co-pilot on B-24E -#42-7119 at Weed CA 10 June 1943.
I began my research after my family was able to learn all of the details of his crash, which were previously unknown.
We visited the scene of the crash, and I was then inspired to find out everything about the other men on his plane and to which families they belonged. I combined my love for WWII Aviation, history, and genealogy to document information regarding our WWII Airmen and other WWII lost on findagrave, and have dedicated an enormous amount of time to documenting and locating the Gold Star Families who lost them.

I've created many 'virtual cemeteries' on findagrave during the course of my research, a kind of neat thing that can query WWII crews and pals together who are buried in various places and have researched more than 1,000 US airmen and their families.

I spent the past year documenting the burial locations and parents/siblings of more than 240+ Cabarrus County NC WWII Honor Roll service members in the county where I live. Moreover, I located the burial sites of 23 out of the 38 WWII WASPs that were killed in service and their parents whose resting places were previously unknown. I am working now to assist Cheryl Marie, niece of Marie Michell Robinson, in getting all of their families the military burial with honors that they deserve and never received.

My full biography is posted here- ... d=47391745&

Now before you go thinking that I am 'tooting my own horn' - consider all the many hours, sleepless nights, relentless digging, think about what each of these men lost - EVERYTHING, their whole promising and bright future that was ahead of them! To each of their families, these military heroes were just that, but they were sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, husbands and wives, who never came home. Their lives were made up of more than a dash between two dates. What time and effort I have given is nothing compared to this, it's just one small way I figure I can at least try to give back.

This is what it means to NEVER FORGET!

Blessings to All here-

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by cmjttt7 »

I am new to the site and researching an event of March 24, 1945 whereby 2nd Lt. Charles T. Rue, Pilot and SSgt Robert Raymond Stanton made a forced landing on Panay Island due to engine trouble. The island was thought to be in friendly hands, but was not. Both Marines were captured and later decapitated by their Japanese captors. The remains of the Marines and two Navy men were later found buried near the airstrip by U.S. Forces. Lt. Rue (possibly) was later returned to his family for burial at home. SSgt Stanton is interred at the Manila Memorial Cemetery. (Much more information is available in the book "Marine Aviation in the Philippines" published by U.S.M.C. 1951 pages 102-103. As far as I know, their aircraft was never recovered and no one seems to know what happened to it. It was suggested that the Japanese may have repaired it and flown it to a more secure base for study or simply destroyed it.
I have been working to get these two Marines recognized as P.O.W.s and, as such, eligible for their P.O.W. medal status. Since I am a cousin and not a "direct" line family member, (to SSgt Stanton), it has been a difficult road. Our local Congresswoman is new and her staff appears to be fresh out of Junior High School and is of little to no help. All government agencies acknowledge the facts, but keep asking for more paperwork and yes, this includes the Commandant of the Marine Corps Office. Any thoughts (other then some other government agency that wants more paperwork) ??????
This is a great site, keep up the good work guys.

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by OrionP61 »

Hello all

I love exploring and share the passion of all things WW2, I first used this site to find points of interest to visit in the Solomon Islands while fishing in the area, 5 trips later I'm finding stuff that's not listed, so I'm back again doing research on a P 39 I've come across in the Western Province, just returned ( Australia ) from Munda.

Thanks for all the great stories

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by billhowe942 »

As a new member and one admittedly not very "tech savy" when it comes to anything involving the internet, let alone the expertise needed to run a website and conduct a forum, I gladly offer this "welcome aboard" message in order to limit the amount of SPAM and other nonsense that plays a part in this electronic world today. Having now vented, I very much look forward to what transpires on Pacific Wrecks Forum and hope that my research of a 38thBG B-25J #44-30942 may be aided by the knowledgeable devotees among your ranks. Thanks in advance. I look forward to corresponding. Bill

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by B24Mike »

My name is Mike Simpson. My father, Capt. Leland S. 'Spike' Simpson served with the 90th Bomb Group after completing a 36 mission tour with the 445th Bomb Group, 2nd Bomb Wing, 2nd Air Division, 8th USAAF. I know absolutely nothing about my dad's service in the Pacific theater other than the fact he mentioned being in the Philippines when V-J Day rolled around. He mentioned that when they started destroying the aircraft (P-38's) rather than sending them back to the United States, the guys would steal the radios to listen to broadcasts. The MP's would confiscate the radios, explaining that when the destroyed the planes, they had to destroy the entire plane. Dad said they would bulldoze them over a cliff.

I would very much like to communicate with anyone who might have information on 90th BG operations from May, 1945 until V-J Day.

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by Philthy »


Phil Vabre here. I'm interested in everything aviation, but in particular I'm presently writing a book on the Qantas Empire flying boats and their Bases.

I am also Vice President of the Civil Aviation Historical Society, which operates the Airways Museum at Essendon Airport, Melbourne. Website:

Great site!


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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by amacy2 »

Hello. Michelle Yatsko, a retired widow home based in Pennsylvania USA, who bought a camper van to travel this great country to do some research. Last month I copied the MACR of my father's plane. I am new to this site, but see there is a place to post all the data... which I will do soon.
Dad, Francis L. Powell, was the engineer on a B-24 D-1 #42-4051. Fifth command, 380th bomb group(H), 530th bomb squad(H). The plane is reported to have left Heikam Field TH on May 26, 1943 (with a crew of 9 and 1 passenger) and never arrived at Canton Field. This info was declassified in 1982.
Now, for the fun part..... learning from you.

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by Beany556 »

Hello everyone on the Pacific Wrecks Forum,

My Name is Tim and I live in Australia. I am currently doing as much research as I can on my grandfathers WW2 history and thought this would be a great place to speak with others that have the same interests.
I have just recently returned to Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea with my Grandfather (who is 92 years old).
We visited a very special place where he lost 62 men from his Battalion ( 2/33rd AIF) including 11 men of the USAAF of the 5th Airforce.

On the morning of the 7th September 1943 my grandfather and his fellow comrades were in transit to awaiting DC3's to fly to the next mission in Lae. A fully loaded liberator Bomber named " Pride of The Cornhuskers" serial No# 42-40682 flown by the 43rd Bomb group - 403rd Bomb Squadron left the end of 7 mile runway ( now Jackson's international airport in PNG) crashed into the convoy of my Grandfathers Battalion. It was the biggest casualty loss for the Battalion in the entire war, and I am researching the incident as it was kept very quiet at the time.

I noticed there is an image on his site of wreckage of this accident and would live to see a clearer picture of it.
I was wondering if the administrator would be kind enough to share the photo with me :0)

If anyone has any information on this disaster or knows of anyone who may I would love to hear from them.
Thank you all for listening to my short story and hopefully I can piece together this puzzle.
Kindest Regards,


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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by jlwright7899 »

I have not participated in the forum much although I have used this site for years. My name is Jim L. Wright from Snyder, Tx. Both of my uncles died in WWII. My uncle Lloyd is listed on this site with the Haskett Crew. I wrote a book based on a log I acquired from JAPC concerning a search in 1948-40 in the Pacific. The book is "The Search That Never Was." I am interested in helping with corrections to this site. This is an
excellent source of information but there are many errors with regard to some of the information. I have given some examples and sent some additions and changes in other emails. I would very much like to be a part of improving the information and insuring it's accuracy.
I am retired from the Federal Prison System and a disabled veteran. I served 13 years with the US Air Force. I look forward to hearing from someone about what I can do.

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