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New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by Justin Taylan »

Dear PWD Users,

In the past six months, the internet has been subjected to more SPAM and junk mail than ever before. Most of this is created automatically by computer programs. All this SPAM has swamped many online forums, with bogus members and posts. We have been deleting SPAM posts on the forum and users who enter bogus details. But, this is not enough!

From now on, legitimate users of this forum should do the following:

1) Add Real Details in Member Profile When Signing Up
when signing up for your (free) membership, enter in as much real information as possible: your location (ie, 'USA'), your interests (ie 'Warbirds and 20th Air Force'), and any other personal info (ie 'Currently researching my uncle's service as radio operator on B-29')

2) After signing up, make a post in this forum (Member Profiles)

Do this within 24 hours of signing up. Post a little introduction about yourself, your interests and so forth to introduce yourself to the other users. Plus, stating your interests or goals will often help to locate others. This post can be as long or as short as you desire.

The idea is to have 'real' users show with at least one post that is on topic, so we can delete any SPAM signups, and keep the membership list clean!

For established members of the forum...
Why not also post an introduction here? We are always amazed to learn about other people's interests, views and research goals.

Hopefully, this new policy with fight SPAM, and strengthen our community!
- Justin Taylan
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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by kzmbroy »

Hi from Texas,

I am a couple of months new to, and this is my first post. My father was Sgt. Albert V. Arnold who served in the Army Air Corp 341st Fighter Squadron (the Black Jack Squadron) based in New Guinea. This squadron was part of the 348th Fighter Group attached to the 5th Air Force. I am mainly looking to find as much information I can about the 341st, pictures, history, etc. I came across a few pictures that survived 64 years, and 4 children in pretty good shape. One in particular intrigues me. It shows a pilot in a fighter plane, painted on the side of the plane is the name; Lt. J.M. Nixon, Crew Cheif: G.C. Harrison. If anyone in this forum is a relative of this man, I would be happy to send them a copy of this photo.

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by highsierra »

Greetings from Sonora, California (USA).

I am a high school science teacher that has always been interested in the people, places, and history of the South Pacific. On a recent trip to the Cook Islands (June 2009) I heard about a WWII era wreck on one of the atolls (Tongareva/Penhryn)we visitied. The story was that the wreck was located at the airfield...but after hours of searching we turned up nothing. We then questioned one of the locals that spoke broken English about it and he indicated the wreck had been moved some time ago from the airfield to the nearby village. Sure enough, the B-24 fuselage and an engine were found between several houses in the location the villager had indicated.

After returning home I stumbled upon this website and began researching some of the other WWII remnants documented. I cant wait to return to some other the other remote atolls of the South Pacific and see "first hand" the history of this era.
Hopefully, by taking part in this forum and using this site as a method of researching potential destinations I will be able to plan a return trip sometime in the near future.

Dave Rowan (AKA "highsierra")

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by islandee »

Pacific Wrecks:

I am a retired engineer living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and am trying to put together a history of the Imperial Japanese Army in northwest Thailand for presentation on the Internet. I arbitrarily define northwest Thailand to include primarily the two provinces of Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son, though I am finding it necessary to expand that target area a bit since relationships and information don't respect political boundaries. Air activities in this area are necessarily part of my objective, hence my registration for this forum.

Hak Hakanson
Chiang Mai

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by rkalinak »

Good Day:

Just found a link to Pacific Wrecks while looking at the USAAF Forum, I am from North Carolina, USA. I am a life long aviation history fanatic. Interests are in early history of USAAF in the PTO ie. Java, SW Pacific theater, New Guinea and also Australia. US Navy operations too. I had a good friend who served on USS Lexington CV-2, later USS Altamaha, and USS Bataan with TF-58. Other relatives served in 7th USAAF, another research project is trackingdown history of a good friend of my Dad who went down in either B-17D or B-17E. I look forward to communicating with other members with
similar interests.

All the Best,

Bob kalinak

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by doktra »

My father was on Canton Island in 42. Anti-aircraft gunner. He took lots of pics of island, aircraft being refuled, gun implacements, and the ship wreck. He noted that he could not have them developed until coming back becasue of security concerns.

Interested in info concerning this piece of history.

Dennis Atkinson

Elmer Beech
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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by Elmer Beech »

I am using a friend of mine's name who served on Iwo Jima with the 5th Marines. God Bless Elmer Beech and all his buddies who never returned!

rick lee
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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by rick lee »


I have always been interested in history, stumbled across this site, and look forward to exploring it. Thank-you, Rick Lee.

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by syracuse »

My name is Larry J. Romano Jr. My father was a S/Sgt. with the 478th Service Squadron, witch came out of the 30th. He was the only S/Sgt. that had a crew of 14 men assigned to him and were flown in to most of these airfields just after we had taken them to repair any planes that had been damaged from combat and to get them back in the air. He even landed in a C-47 at Nadzab when it was under attack from Jap Zero's and Betty Bombers. My user name is Syracuse, as was his nickname when he was there.

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by Breea »

hello everyone..

My name is Brenda and I live in Western NOrth Carolina. I have been searching for years for information
on my uncle 1lt Joseph F. Miller. He was with the 46th Squadron, 317th Troop Carrier Group.

He was reposted MIA on 27- Aug- 45. His plane was believed to have gone down at sea although several
island's were flown over no wreckage was ever found. I have an aunt living and I'd love to be able to find
out all the information I can..

David has helped me find out things I never even knew about and I'm very grateful for his help. If anybody else might
have any information about him or any photograph's that any family members might have I'd love to talk
with you about them..

Thank you again for everybodies help.


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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by Buz101 »

Just rejoined as my acct didn't love me any more....Interests any fighter made at Buffalo NY in Curtiss Factories No 1 and No2.

Bob OB
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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by Bob OB »

PWD members,I am a retired US Army Helicopter pilot living in Maine USA.Over the past fifteen years I have restored a WW2 GMC DUKW amphibian,and several jeeps. In 2001 I traveled to Guam,Saipan,and Tinian,islands that my father ,Joseph F.O'Brien was stationed on in the war. My aviation experience covers the past forty years with an ATP rating,multi-engine,commercial privilages for single engine land and sea,multi engine sea,helicopter,instrument,and flight instructor single engine airplane and helicopter.I still work,but not really sure what I do.Drink beer when I'm at the American Legion in town.

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by Fuzzy »

Hi! I was a Member of the Australian Imperial Forces, in the Royal Australian Engineers, (Ginger Beers), from March 1942 until Sept 1946. I served in the Torres Strait Area, Wewak, Aitape, and also Rabaul. We were mainly a Mechanical Equipment Unit, refurbishing Roads, Airfields Etc. I am now 85 Y'rs, and am enjoying a somewhat reasonable healthy Life, Married a couple of Times, and had an ocassional Partnership or two, but I am still breathing and can drive, stand and walk around unaided, so I am doing "OK". My main interest, now that I have found this wonderful Site, is that I worked on the reconstruction of the Boram Airport, near Wewak in PNG. and maybe can contribute a Photo or article on the Place.
Keith W. Bryant ex Vx85794 AIF in Australia.

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by kerryb »

Hello, I am new to this site, and have recently been packing up my parents home, which has led me to want to research my father' role in RAAF in Madang, Lae and Port Moresby during the war. My father was a bosun? and boat mechanic on a boat whilst he was stationed in NG. Among other duties he was involved in the relocation and transportation of the remains of fallen soldiers from Madang to Lae Cemetery after the Japanese invaded. I have found many photos of the period and soldiers in the war. My father has written some memoirs of the period and I would be happy to share if anyone is interested. The boats that he worked on were supporting the Catalinas I think.
I am keen to travel to Lae and would be happy to hear from anyone as to the safety and logistics of this.
Regards Kerry

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by RBH50 »

I am a full-time Presbyterian minister/pastor and also recently retired as a Major from the USAF/ANG after 39+ years. I was a Public Affairs Officer for 27 years and later a Public Affairs Technician and photographer (MSgt.) for 12 years with the S.C. ANG (169th FW). My father, Lt. Col, (USAF, Ret.) Charles G. Hodges, Jr., is now 90 and, with his permission, I have acquired some of his photographic albums for safe-keeping. He was a USAAF Capt. during WWII assigned to the Pacific Theater (Leyte, Ie Shima) and later was at the Atsugi Aerodrome with the 63rd Aviation Support Group/5th Air Force. He was a Quartermaster/Supply Officer (?) and also a prolific amateur photographer (20+ albums). I have many historic photos that I can ultimately scan and share of life in the WWII Pacific with the AAF and in particular, the 19 Aug 1945 Japanese Peace Delegation at Ie Shima. He was always a good photographer and these historic photos ought to be digitized and shared for historical posterity. Sincerely, Rev. Richard B. Hodges, Blair, SC (Maj., USAF, Ret.)

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