WW II MIA'S SW Pacific

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WW II MIA'S SW Pacific

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My wife is a relative (niece) of ARM3c Alden P. Anders, USN/USNR of Albert City, Iowa. Alden was radioman and aerial gunner on board PB4Y-1 #38-913 (Rugged Beloved…VPB-111) which was downed by Japanese anti aircraft fire on 16 June 1945 over the Bay of Makassar, near the city of Makassar. The entire crew is MIA since that date. I have quite a bit of information regarding the incident, and would like to know if Pacific Wrecks has any plans for recovery activities on Borneo? There were Allied prisoners imprisoned at Makassar who witnessed the action, and reported it upon their liberation. I would love to correspond with anyone with further information regarding this incident. Thanks for the work that you do.

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