Petition Regarding MIA Vote In Congress

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Petition Regarding MIA Vote In Congress

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There are 80,000 Missing American Service Personnel worldwide
Presently, less than 1 in 1,000 are recovered each year.

Presently, in the United States House of Representatives, the National Defense Authorization Act, Section 561 calls on the Secretary of Defense to implement a comprehensive program to account for all the Missing. Among the particulars are an increase in recoveries to 200 in 2015 and 350 in 2020. The Senate did not include such language. Congress will decide very soon whether to include the House’s language in the Defense Authorization, near guaranteeing a policy change for MIA cases.
Congress proposes increasing recovery rates 500%
If you believe recovery rates for American MIAs should be increased, please consider signing the petition created by Project Homecoming. This takes only a few minutes to review and sign the petition online.
Americans and the worldwide community can sign this petition.

Your effort is time critical, because the vote is expected to happen next week.

Sign the petition
- Justin Taylan
Founder & Director

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