F7A (B24J) "Photo Fanny"

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F7A (B24J) "Photo Fanny"

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I am looking for information regarding a pacific aircraft. The Aircraft in question is an F7A (B24J Liberator photo recon variant) The aircrafts serial number I 42-4-64184 and carried the name "Photo Fanny". I have reason to believe the aircraft was part of 311th Wing and was designated radio call sign "F for Freddy"
I have the following information which I believe may place the aircraft in the pacific in 1944.

During Jan 44, the detachment of the 4th Photographic Charting Squadron, 311th Photographic Wing [attached to 4th Photographic Group (Reconnaissance)] ceases operating from Morotai Island, Moluccas Islands, with F-7s and returns to base at Hollandia, New Guinea; at the same time, a detachment of this squadron begins operating in Australia during the month (this squadron is mapping areas of the SW and W Pacific)

Any information anyone may be able to provide would be gratefully accepted

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