VC38 Scorecard from Bougainville & New Britain

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VC38 Scorecard from Bougainville & New Britain

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I am currently completing a book on the history of my Uncle Lt. William R Larson, a TBF pilot of VC38 in 1943. As part of the research, I am also completing a tribute to air group 38 of WW2. It is an amazing history of a unit that was awarded at least 8 distinguished flying crosses for a bombing mission on Rabaul in Feb 1944. To complete this story, I need assistance from this forum on identifying the attached VC 38 Scorecard - specifically the type of enemy ships that were sunk by this unit. Can anyone provide a symbol key or legend to the ship symbols that are included in the upper right hand corner of the Scorecard? Greatly appreciate your assistance. Book will be completed by the end of the year if anyone would like to review it.

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Don Larson
Portland Oregon
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