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New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by Justin Taylan »

Dear PWD Users,

In the past six months, the internet has been subjected to more SPAM and junk mail than ever before. Most of this is created automatically by computer programs. All this SPAM has swamped many online forums, with bogus members and posts. We have been deleting SPAM posts on the forum and users who enter bogus details. But, this is not enough!

From now on, legitimate users of this forum should do the following:

1) Add Real Details in Member Profile When Signing Up
when signing up for your (free) membership, enter in as much real information as possible: your location (ie, 'USA'), your interests (ie 'Warbirds and 20th Air Force'), and any other personal info (ie 'Currently researching my uncle's service as radio operator on B-29')

2) After signing up, make a post in this forum (Member Profiles)
Do this within 24 hours of signing up. Post a little introduction about yourself, your interests and so forth to introduce yourself to the other users. Plus, stating your interests or goals will often help to locate others. This post can be as long or as short as you desire.

The idea is to have 'real' users show with at least one post that is on topic, so we can delete any SPAM signups, and keep the membership list clean!

For established members of the forum...
Why not also post an introduction here? We are always amazed to learn about other people's interests, views and research goals.

Hopefully, this new policy with fight SPAM, and strengthen our community!
- Justin Taylan
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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by skubaduk »

Greetings from the Florida Keys ( USA ). My father was in the US Army & never spoke of his service. One day my daughter & I were in Meadville, PA at my sister's house. We were preparing to transport my sister, Mary, back to Cincinnati, Ohio, for cancer treatments. We were all a bit tense but as we sat in the living room, watching the local veteran's parade on TV, my father spoke of BIAK ISLAND. All he said was that they had attacked the island, driven the Japanese into a cave. The commanding US officer ordered the Japanese to strip naked & walk out of the cave with their hands above their heads. The Japanese refused. The US commander then ordered barrels of aviation fuel brought in, the barrels were rolled into the cave, US snipers shot holes in them & the barrels were ignited with flame throwers. My Dad, commented, " I can still hear those guys screaming ". He never said anything else about WW 2.
My Dad's name was : Thomas ( Tom ) James Duckworth from Hamburg, Arkansas. A mechanic ( I believe on an LST ). His rank at the end of the war, Staff Sgt.( again, I think ).
Any one having any info on Biak Island or my Dad please share.
I am going to attempt to visit Biak next year and dive some of the area. It would be wonderful if I could walk where he did. My Dad died several years ago I was holding his hand.
Bill Duckworth

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by brubray »

Hope you find your answers.

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by randel875 »



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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by scottbthomas »

New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Hi, I am a new member. I have been doing research on a late cousin of mine. His name was Alva Guy Hawkins, service number 0-431877. He was a 2nd Lt. in the US Army Air Corps. He was with the 35th Fighter Squadron, 8th Fighter Group when he came up missing on May 27, 1942 in the Port Moresby, New Guinea area. He was flying a P-39F serial number 41-7153. The Army at this time of the war did not keep good records. It has taken a long time, but has been fun at the same time. It has been fun to learn about this part of history, that you do not learn in school. To learn what the pilots went through until they received better planes and better training. I hope to one day find his crash site and bring his remains home to be buried by his parents.

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by Red7 »

I am an Iwo Jimo vet. Several years back I was on a Pacific message board administered by, I think Bob Allan, that had an Iwo forum on it that I was posting on. While I was absent for almost a year, it closed down and I have been unable to find any other message board that has any Iwo info on it.

Registered on here hoping to find an Iwo Forum.....Is there one here?

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by diddyriddick »

Greetings! I've been fascinated with Carrier-borne aviation since I was young in the 70s and saw Midway and Tora, Tora, Tora. I was actually looking for restored TBDs on google and linked here. I've been here before, lurking, but figured it was time to join. One day, I would love to visit Guadalcanal, Midway, Pearl, and Truk; for now, this is the next best thing.

Personally, I am a 45 year old male living in North Carolina, US. I have a 9 year old daughter.

I don't think I've forgotten anythying...

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by luftcycles »

Hi to everybody,

i'm David from France , south mediteranean part, where aproximately nothing appears during the war!! excepted the invasion of Provence.
i'm 36 and collector of flying instruments (French,German,English,USAAF, and Japanese) and cockpits parts.
I'm not very lucky because i'm fond of Pacific war, and in France we don't have so many chance to find some informations, equipments ,photos and so on about this subject.
But now i will be happy to be accepted as a member of your very interesting site.

David from very peaceful part of France!

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by auspre53 »

My name is Andrew and I'm from Queensland Australia. I have a keen interest in WW 2 and collect military memorabilia.

I also am trying to put a book together of those Americans that died in WW2 and were buried in my local town Ipswich. I believe there were about 1300 plus Americans buried between 1942 and 45 and were then exhumed in 1947 and taken back to the States. A percentage of these men and women who died would have been from aircraft accidents. So I'm hoping I can get some information on these people from your site.



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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by lapun »

hi there ,i spent 20years in lae (1966 to 1986) worked in many places, manus island,kimbe . talasea, wau, and fincshaven. and saw many wrecks in those places . am retired now and living in sydney , cheers

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by mrb17f »

My name is Marty Potts, am 60 years young, and have loved WW2 Warbirds since I was old enough to build my first model. My office is a museum in itself, having pieces of several different warbirds, some very famous! There are 100 plus aircraft on display in my office. Also have several vintage firearm from WW2 including a Thompson Submachine Gun , M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, 3 1911 .45's. Lee Enfield, 1897 12 guage trench shotgun just to name a few. I have donated to almost every site I find because I believe we must keep these wonderful and beautiful warbirds to remind all generations of the GREATEST GENERATION!!
I was in the US ARMY from 1969 to 1975, then Law Enforcement for 25 years. I am married and have three children, the youngest at 14 who shares my passion for WW2. He actually collects German items from that period, and has quite a collection of original items.
Thanks for checking.

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by newilson »

Good afternoon!

I am Neal Wilson of Manchester, Connecticut. My uncle Bill, S/Sgt William I Strickland, was a gunner, flight engineer on the Buzzin Buzzard b-25D of the 498th Squadron, 325th Bomb Group in the %th Air Force in New Guinea area of the Southwest Pacific in the latter part of 1943 and first half of 1944. I have collected what writings I could find of that period of war, and have also collected replica training aids for the aircraft appearing in that theater in that time period. Obviously, my main interest is of that time frame, but I also enjoy reading of the entire WW2 period in the Pacific.

Neal Wilson

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by punawan »

Hi Everyone I am new here today.
I am interested in finding out more about our family history in PNG.
Put Put Plantation on the Gazelle Peninsula (Kokopo) was the family home of the Gilmores pre and post war. (Flo and Jack)
Also interested in finding out about David McEvoy (father) who was a Coastwatcher and who died and was buried in Madang in 1951 aged 34. His grave, we believe has been destroyed. It was in the Old German Cemetery and I saw it in 1981.
John Gilmore was also a Coastwatcher and I would love to hear from anyone who knows anything about the family or the plantation? I know that there are (or were) war wrecks on the plantation and have read all the stories on your site with great interest about them.
I would love to contact Brian Bennett if anybody has an email address for him please? I think I may have met him in Alotau some years ago? We are heading to Rabaul, Put Put and also back to Madang in May 2010 and would love to have some more information to take with us on our sentimental journey. Dave McEvoy Jnr has not been back to Rabaul since 1948 and Madang since '65. We are looking forward to being a part of this wonderful group of people and hearing from anybody who may have news?
Regards Punawan

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by rdunn »

Greetings from northern Virginia
My dad was Bernard J. Dunn, a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Air Force. He served as a bombardier aboard a B-24 for the 23rd Squadron, 5th Bomb Group, based on the Philippine island of Samar. On July 4th, 1945, he survived the crash and destruction of a C-46 transport airplane on Biak Island in Indonesia (documented in his service record). I don't see a C-46 listed as wrecked on Biak on the Pacific Website forum. Would sure like to hear if anybody knows anything more. thanks - Rob Dunn

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Re: New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

Post by tomhopp »

Hello all,
I have joined Pacific Wrecks in the hope of gathering information for a family memoir I intend to write soon. The subject is my Uncle Herbert Albert Julius Hopp, who flew on a Grumman Avenger in the Battle of the Coral Sea. He was the turret gunner aboard his plane, which flew from an aircraft carrier and made a torpedo attack against the Japanese fleet and was shot down, crash landing on New Georgia Island in the Solomons. Herb was severely wounded and his pilot and radioman were killed. He was rescued by natives who took him in a canoe to Guadalcanal and he was evacuated to San Diego.
I am looking for any records of his service, and have contacted the Military records archive in St. Louis, and am still awaiting their reply at this writing.
Anyone who can point me to information about Herb's deployment to either the Lexington or Yorktown would be greatly appreciated.
I've found one odd thing: it appears that a Herbert L Hopp sailed on the Yorktown when it left the East Coast for the Pacific, but that person was aboard before Herb enlisted. There must have been two Herb Hopps in the Battle of the Coral Sea! Hopefully, I will have Uncle Herb's service number soon to sort this out.
Meanwhile, I'd like to locate the crash site and especially to find out if any of the natives who rescued him are still alive to be thanked. Coast Watchers may have been involved too, because Herb mentioned talking with an Australian who thought he must be a rich man because he owned a car.
Herb died years ago, but my father, now 84, is remembering more and more as he ages. Herb enlisted the day after Pearl Harbor and seems to have been quite the war hero, at least as far as our family is concerned.
Thanks for any help.
-Tom Hopp

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