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Welcome to the forum!

I don't mean to be argumentative, but my understanding is that the TBF made its first operational ground-based flight during the battle of Midway, a month after Coral Sea. Carrier based operations for the Avenger were later, still. In fact, the Avenger was so new that it only recieved its moniker after the mauling that the TBDs took during Midway. While his career might have evolved into the TBF/TBM, he would have flown the TBD Devastator at Coral Sea. But from what you are describing, it sounds to me like he was describing the Guadalcanal/Solomons campaign starting in August of 1942.

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New Forum Policy - New Members Must Post Welcome Message

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Hello from Bend, Oregon.

I have always had an interest in WW II as my father served in the Army Air Corp as did my father-in-law. In addition, I had one uncle in the 101st Airborne Div. who landed at Normandy and survived Bastogne and an uncle in the Navy who was a submariner. Currently I am interviewing WW II Veterans about their experiences but have limited time due to other committments.

I am a honorably retired State Trooper and have a small non profit foundation that helps families of slain law enforcement officers. The foundation was started after the 1992 execution style murder of a friend and fellow State Trooper. (He was shot four times in the back of the head a career criminal and illegal alien). A year after the murder, out of despair... his wife tragically took her own life. My foundation helps pay travel expenses of a spouse and the children attend the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial activities and grieving seminars held each May in Washington D.C. We try to offer hope to these grieving families in an attempt to prevent any spouse or child from taking their own life. I and the Board members volunteer our time and do not receive any compensation as we want any donated money to go where it is help the families. We can't help every family because of limited funds, but we can help one family at a time.

I would like to thank all active and retired members of the military for their years of service to this nation. All too often people forget, or take for granted, the sacrafices that our men and women in uniform make, or have made, to keep this country free. I also want to recognize their families who make large sacrafices and contributions in support of their loved ones serving. They too are part of the team.

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Hello folks, I am an ex member of the British Army, Ulster Defence Regiment, and Royal Ulster Constabulary. My godfather was in the USAAF based over in Ulster in WW2, my father in the British Army and my mother in the WAAF. I love the USof A. My son in law is an ex US Marine and hails form St Louis. I have read a lot of history about the USAAF and admire what the boys have done to defend the free world. Semper Fi.

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Hello everyone. I officially joined the site yesterday and now I am here to introduce myself. I live in Anchorage, Alaska. My father served in the US Navy during in immediately after the war. He was a pharmacists mate who was asigned to several different ships, the best know of which was the Salt Lake City. He was also ashore with the marines a couple of times to help with their wounded, including at Iwo Jima. He used to tell me about some of the things he experienced during his service but I realize now there were many things he simply didn't mention. It was from his stories that I developed a pretty strong interest in history, especially WWII, but compared to many of you here I am a complete amateur. I do have some photos inherited from my father, mostly pictures of his buddies but not entirely.

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Greetings from San Jose (USA)

I am kind of a WWII aircraft buff. A recently deceased hiking friend was the copilot on the B24 Sky Witch. They were part of the Fifth Air Force, 90TH BOMB GROUP (HEAVY), 400TH BOMB SQUADRON. I am looking for a photo of the Sky Witch after they landed at Morotai on November 7, 1944. The aircraft suffered so much damage that it never flew again.

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New Member-Dan Graves

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Hi all,
I just found this site through the Missing Links website. I was interested in the progress of the Oregon Military Museum at Camp Withycombe. I am a past President of the IPMS Oregon Historical Modelers Society and at the time of my tenure, we were actively assisting Cpt. Terry Aiken with some of the restoration work. I haven't had a chance to check things out. I was doing some research work on the 192nd Coastal Artillery Btn. that fought the Japanese in the Phillipine invasion. I had interviewed a participant- a Mr. Zoeth Skinner and I always wondered what happened to him. He had some fascinating recollections and had used some of the 75mm armed halftracks that had arrived right before the invasion.
Looking forward to seeing what is on this site!
Dan Graves

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Hello from Kansas City
My name is Bob Root. Just ran across your site about a week ago, researching the old airstrip at Vella LaVella. My Dad was a GI stationed in the S. Pacific from 1942-45. Spent most of his time in New Guinea and the Philipines, that's about all the information I ever got out of him. Dad didn't talk much about it. So I've always been interested in the Pacific Theatre of the war.
I spend most of my time hunting and fishing and (puttering) in the garage. Never understood this (puttering in the garage stuff) that Dad used to do, but now I'm 60 years old and I've come to understand it quite well. As a young man, a Tool and Die Maker and Gunsmith, I moved around the western USA, looking for the "promised land", never found it. I even spent a couple of months in the Superstition Mnts. of Arizona looking for the lost Dutchmans gold mine. Found rattlesnakes. Went back to Missouri.
Now I'm trying to build a scale replica. or diorama of Barakoma Airfield. The picture showing a repair station with large tents set up on both sides of it also showing several aircraft, Corsairs, P 40's and the SBD Dauntless was taken looking maybe towards the NNE ? Also is this location positioned on the North end of the runway? and would anyone know the location of the Tower?
Thanks for puttin up with me and I'm looking forward to hearing from any of you. Have read most all of the forum posts and ya all sound like a great bunch of people
Bob Root

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I just stumbled onto this neat site while researching the loss of a family member on a B-24 mission that departed Momote field (in the Admiralty isands of the South Pacific) on May 5, 1944. I'll be visiting here in the future while digging up old photos, letters and other paraphernalia from my father's records. Thanks for the terrific online resource!

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Hi, I have enjoyed visiting the excellent PW site for a few years so thought I'd do the right thing & join the forum. I have always been interested in WW2 SWPAC as my late Father was a pilot in the RNZAF. He completed two tours on P-40's & one on F4U Corsairs. I collect aircraft parts & am currently rebuilding a P-40N Instrument & main switch panel for display. I am a keen researcher of RNZAF fighter pilots history & aim to visit the Solomons, Bougainville Rabaul areas in the next few years. Hopefully there will be a few RNZAF wrecks to visit or dive on! Rob Hough

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Chhoky,.. Just after a airsurvey visit to Buin in '68, and a look at Yamamoto's Betty site.. there was a RNZAF Corsair that went missing in '43? found nearby, as locals cleared bush for a garden. Maybe one for you to hunt up and photograph .. if you dont already know of.

Safe travels

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Hello everyone;

I am from Canada and do not have the vast experieces of many others that I have read about here on the forum.

I was born in 1942 during WW II, in Canada, so have never had the bad experiences of war on my homeland. My parents were too old to be actively involved in wartime activities. I did have an uncle who was in the army and post WW II was posted to some office in Baltimore, with a position involved with inter-country relations between Canada and USA through Wahington. He later was posted at the end of his career to Ottawa, the Canadian capital.

I lived in a small town where there was an RCAF inter-Dominion training base, so I vaguely remember men walking about the streets with these sky blue uniforms on. This I believe had planted the seed for my interest in aircraft as well as my family doctor saying to my dad when I was very young that I would never be a pilot. I used to have very bad ear aches when I was a child, and later found out that I have a disfunctional eustachan tube that goes from my middle ear to the back of my throat and sometimes plugs up allowing fluid to build up in my middle eat. This can become very painful and on a couple of occassions have blown my ear drum.

Currently I am a pilot, but for radio control aircraft, and my favourites are the WW II warbirds. I am a builder and flyer of WW II scale warbirds, with the following aircraft in my collection:
2 - F4U - Corsairs, and a third under construction
1 - Harvard trainer (equivalent to your SNJ and AT-6)
1 - Noorduyn Norseman Bushplane, used for surveying the Arctic during WW II so the Russians would try claim the territory
1 - P40 Warhawk with British markings
1 - Ki-61 Hein (Tony)
1 - J3M-3 Raiden (Jack)
1 - ME-109 Messerschmitt
1 - FW-190 Butcherbird
1 - A6M Zero still in the box

I belong to several organisations for RC Scale Aircraft that have meets that include all warbirds of any size, and nationality, with the intent to honor those that died in conflicts around the world.

I read with sadness about the recovering of remains from downed aircraft, but am happy that they are returned to the families that so long ago said their goodbyes to the defenders of our freedom. If only we could as easily tell the bad guys from the good guys these days.

Bill Swindells
Happy to be aboard!

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Hello all,Tim here.Semper Fidelis

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Hi Everyone,
I am a newbie; just joined this forum. My name is Laitoon and I live in California.
What caught my attention is the news on the C-47 that crashed in Malaysia.
I used to live there and would like to know more about the location of this relic, if that's ok.
I also have info on another crash site in this country.
The plane is a a British attack bomber of post WW2 vintage - a twin engine Bristol Brigrand.
In USAAF nomenclature, it would have been classified in the "A" category - say, like the Douglas A-26 Invader.
It was used against the post WW2 communist insurgents in Malaya (now Malaysia).
The Bristol Brigrand had a short-lived career. Never saw any service in WW2 and was rapidly being overtaken by the early jets.
Is there anyone else in this forum know of this relic?

Anyway, as I am familiar with this region, if I can be of any help, let me know.

Happy flying, everyone.

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Greetings To All,
My name is Sherryl Holz and I joined this site with an interest in the island of Emirau. My father-in-laws brother was a marine gunner on a Curtiss Helldiver. His name was Donald Holz pfc. The day he was reassigned to a B25 Bomber it crashed into another plane during takeoff from the airfield. Being heavily laden with fuel, etc. it exploded and landed in the sea. Altho there were no survivors on his plane the smaller incoming aircraft was more fortunate. I am planning on putting up a website for Uncle Donald and have had some communication with veterans who served in the area. Have gotten some good information on Emirau from this site so far, but would be interested in hearing from anyone who was stationed there, and what condition his plane might be in. Uncle Don died for his country on February 27,1945. Thank you.

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Greetings from the land of the Vikings and the midnight sun :-)
My name is Lars Erik Gill, born in the south coast of Norway, on the island of Flekkerøya, outside Kristiansand. I am 16 years old, and very interested in WW2
During WW2 Norway was occupied by the Germans so i love to take a walk in the City of kristiansand to look at historical places and match up photos from WW2.
In 2006 me and my family where on a trip to the beaches of Normandy, in 2003 I where in Tunisia, North Africa to see the battlefields where the Brits and U.S forces fought the "Desert Fox" and in 2009, me and my family where in Berlin to see the scars of the Battle for Berlin, where the 8th Rifle Guards Division-3rd Shock Army finaly managed to take the Chancery building on the 2. May 1945.
Next year i am going on a trip to Guadalcanal, who is my ultimate goal! To see a Pacific Battlefield
Feel free to comment :)
Regards Lars

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