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About Me: Leondus Hutchison

Post by Leondus » Wed Nov 29, 2006 10:54 pm

Hi all,

I'm Leondus Hutchison and enjoy a good mystery.

A few years back I started researching my family history and noticed that two Hutchison's are listed as missing during WW2.

Going on some tips I requested my first of many MACR and started off in the land of research.
I soon found pacificwrecks.com and started using the MIA database in conjunction with MACR?s, using search reports, plane course etc vs were planes found years later.

I know its not as good as Bayesian search theory, but I try ;)

Also -if anyone needs any help with getting a MACR and don?t feel like paying the outrages fees that some people are charging!
Give me a email, I just charge the price of the stamps and all MACR copies comes with maps of the last known area or flight path (PNG only)

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