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About Me: 71383bee

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Well the topic said to post to prove I'm real so here go's...

My name is Chris and I am a Civil Engineer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

My username is just easy for me to remember, but it has to do with one of my favorite hobbies which is late 60's to early 70's Mopars. My money pit right now is a 1971 Dodge Super Bee with a 383 auto. Hence the user name.

I also have a large admiration and interest in World War II and do quite a bit of reading and a small amount of collecting. Like several people my interest spurns from family members who were present during this time period.

In regards to the Pacific Theater, my grandfather, James Hinkle, was a captain in i believe in the 96th (later 1096th Singals Battalion) and was assigned to an air service group in the 5th Air Force. I apologize for lack of info and dates, but I know he was in Milne Bay, Nadzab, Hollandia, Morotai, Leyte and ended up going back to the states from Clark Field. He was in from 1944 to the end. Now he says that he was in the 310th Bomb Wing, but i can't find much info on it. After reading the book "Wreaking Havoc" by Joseph Rutter of the 389th SQ of the 312th BG, he was sure that he was near this unit during his time overseas. Thankfully Grandpa is still with us and I have been trying to find a bit more info about his involvement in the SWPA.

I appreciate any help anyone can give me and thanks for hosting such an interesting site.

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I had a '69 SuperBee, 440 automatic....really miss it.

BTW, I have that "Wreaking Havoc" book too..I actually called Mr. Rutter and talked to him for a bit..he's sort of local, lives (I hope he's still around) in Ohio. Really nice guy, he signed my copy of the book.

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