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Andy Wright

Posted: Tue May 08, 2007 8:33 pm
by Andy in West Oz

Keep coming back to this site. I've been an avid WWII aviation history buff for more than 20 years. It's been an eternal interest that has waxed and waned depending on what's going on in life! I recently completed a Grad Dip in Journalism and am now heavily involved in interviewing as many RAAF aircrew veterans as I can find before it is too late. It is a humbling and exciting experience and has really rekindled my passion for this time and the people involved.

I work as a mining researcher but my boss is good enough to let me work five days in four and have Fridays to do my interviewing, transcribing and writing. Most of my interviews to date have been with men who flew in the ETO and MTO but I have spoken to an RAAF B-24 gunner who I am planning on seeing again in the near future.

Also researching the various Boomerang and Spitfire crashes around Perth during the war as quite a number crashed very near to where our house is now. Hope to put something tangible together on these crashes one day.

Otherwise, I'm married, we have a mad poodle as a pet and we've got a 85% restored 1951 Bedford 3-tonner in the garage. I'm also into photography, reading, travel and naval history. That's about me!