...yet another new guy!!

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...yet another new guy!!

Post by Corsair » Tue Dec 18, 2007 1:43 am

Hi troops; I'm pleased to be here and am in awe of the amount of info about!
My father flew Kittyhawks and Corsairs from Bougainville and Green Island amongst other strips and it is my wish to visit there with him one day and have a look around. My uncle, Dad's brother flew Blenheims out of Singapore while on secondment to the RAF in 1941 but was taken ill and shipped home 2 weeks before the Japs got there.
My involvement with the old aircraft stems from both Dad's service and my own time working with the Air Force Museum in Wigram, Christchurch helping to restore such. A chance conversation also got me roped into trying to find Corsair NZ5517 which went missing around Inangahua in 1944; couldn't find it then and it's still missing, along with the pilot. I have dug up parts of an Avro 626 from an old farm tip in Kaiapoi and helped to find and recover an Auster which was landed in the trees in Little Malaya, near Oxford in the early 60's.
Well, that's a potted history of my involvement in old aircraft; I am not a pilot and have no wish to be but will always be dumbfounded by the bravery of the very young men of all nations who 'stood to' when they were called upon - we will not see their likes again, methinks!

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