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Hi All

Long time visitor to this site, admire JT's work and committment to pacific wrecks.

I have a personal website at:


The details of which are:

Our Aims and Objectives
To provide an enduring commitment to honour service men and women of all nations parallels the values of this period. So it was with deep respect and admiration of these soldiers that West-Front was born:

Endurance Commitment Honour

West-Front Mission Statement
To promote and encourage the values bestowed by our military history; to provide an opportunity to explore and promote the shared achievements of service men and women of all nations; inspire learning through innovation; display uncompromising attention to detail; and to encourage and assist people to protect, conserve and value our military heritage.

West-Front At a Glance
Fact Sheets
Stage and Film Consultancy
Teachers’ Resources
Research Services
Interactive Displays
Ordnance Services
Military Vehicle Hire
Military Service Profiles

Acknowledge and commemorate duty, honour and country.

The History Alive Imagery
The image chosen to represent History Alive is based upon the famous photograph of Private First Class Paul E. Ison of the 1st Marine Division taken on May 10, 1945 at Death Valley, Okinawa. Pfc Paul E Ison, then aged twenty-eight and an assistant BAR gunner, runs hunched through Japanese machine gun fire while crossing a draw, which the Marines called 'Death Valley'.

It was reported at the time that he had already defied Death Valley three times under fire before an unknown Marine combat photographer captured this moment. Paul E Ison USMC passed away on October 3, 2001 in Fort Myers, Florida. He was eighty-four.

On this day, in an eight-hour period, the Marines sustained 125 casualties crossing this particular valley. The Marine Corps Historical Centre (1998) notes that: overall American losses in the land battle (on Okinawa) amounted to 7,374 killed, 31,807 wounded and 239 missing in action. At sea and in the air, the Navy reported 36 US ships sunk, 368 damaged, 763 aircraft lost to all causes, 4,907 seamen killed or missing in action and 4,824 wounded.

Despite the magnitude of these losses by the Americans, the Japanese sustained even greater casualties at Okinawa than in any previous Pacific battle. Pfc Ison represents the doggedness, fortitude and tenacity of the front-line Marine. These same values are instilled in us and our approach to our mission.

History On the Move
Formed in 1989, the Westfront Europe Association was a living history organisation that sought to actively portray Allied and Axis soldiers from World War II through displays and re-enactment. The high standards set then, are the benchmarks now carried on by West-Front.

West-Front insists on authenticity in every facet of our displays. Accuracy in every detail is recreated, even as far as period mannerisms and military bearing. Where possible, original equipment and uniforms are obtained and hours spent in research to accurately portray the Australian “ Digger”, the English “ Tommy”, the American “G.I.” or the German “ Landser”.

Origins of West-Front The significant European battles of WW1 and WW2 occurred on the Western Front and heralded an important period of global change in 20th century history.

German film maker, GW Pabst, captured the endurance, commitment and honour displayed by service personnel during this period in his often overlooked film “WestFront 1918”. This important film, released in 1930, (the same year as Lewis Milestone’s more well known “All Quiet on the Western Front”), records the personal tribulations of the German Landser at the Front, and on his return to war-time Germany.

I look forward to a positive contribution to this site


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