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Hello there. H saying 'Hi'

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2008 5:44 pm
by global
Hello there. I'm H from the UK. I've chipped in a few pics for Justin's site - mostly underwater from dives in PNG & the Solomons.

That's basically how I came to the site, through diving the plane wrecks.

My general take is that the wrecks should be left in situ for the locals & the tourists.

They make unique surreal sites, & provide these locations with a drawcard for tourism, which in turn provides income to the local population.

I like to see the wrecks as a legacy for the indiginous populations on whose land & sea these beautiful machines now lay. I am fascinated the way the tribes have adopted these wrecks into their income, their culture & their folklore.

There's a small museum in South London that has a hall that specialises in artefacts of the Pacific Islanders. They made head dresses out of brightly decorated tin featuring the duelling planes. How brilliant is that?

I love the way nature, be it jungle or coral, reclaims these wrecks, turning them into something unique - to me it's like they are being incorporated into their surroundings - undergoing a metamorphosis - the same as us humans, when we crash & age & die.

That's what I see, when I see the wrecks. I'm watching something that's not dead, but it's changing in the process of it's decay into something else.

That to me gives the machine it's personality; even if it will never 'fly' again - it's spirit lives on. And to see that - be it a trek through jungle, or a dive into the depths - that's the pilgrimage - that's why they're special.

Thanks for reading.

Re: Hello there. H saying 'Hi'

Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 9:47 am
by global
If anyone would like to have a look at my underwater photos - please feel free to cruise by my web site