Hello from Washington State, USA

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Hello from Washington State, USA

Post by kdeyette » Fri Apr 11, 2008 1:52 pm

Hello folks! I was directed to this website as I look for information on a US service member whose plane was downed near Cebu, Philippines. My wife's friend was a little girl during WWII when she discovered a US service member hiding in the bushes near the water at the bay in Mactan. The service member explained that his plane had been shot down and that he needed help. She understood some English, but was unable to speak it. Through hand signals, she convinced the service member to stay hidden, while she went to a nearby convent to inform the nuns of her discovery. The nuns brought him some simple, local clothing to help disguise him while they brought him back to the convent. This little girl is now an elderly woman living in the United States. She never saw this person again, but has thought about him every day since. She has asked me to help her find out what happened to this service member. I do not see a lot of information here on downed planes or crew members lost in the Philippines. If anyone can point me in the right direction here at this site, or any any other source, it would be greatly appreciated.


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