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Hello from Greg+Mel

Post by Greg+Mel » Mon Jun 30, 2008 8:21 pm

Hello everyone!

New comers to this site, I found it about a year ago, after hiking into see a local wreck that I had heard about for years.
( Canso Bomber 11007, as posted on this site.) This one was very easy to find, and what a find. Talked to a couple of guys I work with, and one of them told me of an other Canso, 11086 that crashed near the first Canso, He tells me that it is nearly complete, guns and remains removed. That's when I found this site, and though there is nothing on the Canso 11086, I did find some info on KH-108 that crashed near Flora Lake. I have spoken to Derek Haraka who added info to the KH-108 file, he was not able to give me anything solid. I went to the Comox Air Force Museum, gathered all the info I could find on a few crash sites. Pin pointed their GPS coordinates, spent one day hiking the mountain and nothing. There has got to be a better way! Like better info would help.
So, as I am new, I will do some reading before I ask any questions.


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