Greetings From Illinois

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Greetings From Illinois

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My name is Dale Ridder, and I was part of the 2002 National Geographic expedition that located Pres. John F. Kennedy's PT-109. I was the individual responsible for identifying the wreck, among other duties. If you check out the National Geographic video, The Search for PT-109, or the book, Collision with History, the Search for PT-109, you will get more information on me.

I am a military historian, and also a part-time teacher, using board games such as Axis and Allies, to teach junior high and high school students history. I served in the US Army, and was retired in 1978 for medical disability as a First Lieutenant, with service with the 172nd Infantry Brigade in Alaska as a supply officer and then battalion adjutant. I have taught World Geography for a local college, and continue to work with National Louis University in Skokie, Illinois, with the historical board games. I have turned myself into an expert on explosives, explosions, weapons, and weapons effects such that I have worked as a consultant for the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the US Marine Corps during the 1991 Gulf War.

I am in the process of putting together an expedition to return to the Solomons to locate more wrecks, in particular the USS Strong, a destroyer sunk off of the northwest coast of New Georgia, the USS Grampus, a submarine that vanished in the area in March of 1943, and also the IJN Murasame, the Japanese destroyer that I think sank the Grampus.

Hopefully, I can be an asset to the site.

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Re: Greetings From Illinois

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Welcome to Pacific Wrecks! You, an asset to the site, what an understatement. I'm jealous of all the experiences you have had. I'm having a difficult time arranging a trip to Guadalcanal much less search for historical wrecks. If you need any volunteers for your next foray count me in. I have a broad education, both formal and experience based. Have worked with electronics, internal combustion engines(from.049 displacement to over 740 c.i.d.) computers,copy editor, firearms maintenance to name but a few. Dr.Bogo

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Re: Greetings From Illinois

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Dale, I travel to the SI at least four times a year from Australia. (I'm an American living in Brisbane). Is there any information regarding your time table for being in the SI?

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