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G'day from Oz

Post by Sydhuey » Sun Mar 20, 2011 1:32 am

G'day all have looked at this site alot and only realised it had a forum, i'm an Ex RAAF tech worked on Iroquois, Black Hawk, Chinook , Kiowa and C-130's when I was in, still a techo working on offshore oil support and SAR/EMS helicopters now also worked on the restoration of the Zero at the Australian war memorial when I was an Apprentice in the airforce and my favorite aircraft the A-20 Boston /Havoc am very proud to have worked a little on the restoration of the Boston A28-8 DU-J "Jessica" at the RAAF Museum.
My main interest is the Boston in RAAF service and A-20's with the 89Bs 3rd Attack Group and also other straffers in the SW Pacific in perticular the hard times in 1943 before the US was able to bring in the mass A-20 and B-25 units in late 43 early 44. Thanks all hope to swap lots of usefull info on pacific staffers . SYD!

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