New - Based Port Moresby

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New - Based Port Moresby

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I am based in port Moresby for the next 6 months or so and am looking for advice on sites to visit (especially within the Gulf - Central - Milne Bay strip). Will be starting off with some of the well known coastal defences and airstrips near to Port Moresby. Would be good to meet with any PNG based members.

Richard Wright
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Re: New - Based Port Moresby

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WOW, never expected to have boots on the ground! Hope you are still there...well, only if it is a nice place to be! :-)
Could you inquire about how the base was in May 1942? Terrain (jungle or scrub), Laloki River traverse-able only a bridges, length of the 2 airstrips...etc.
I am part of group of wargamers who have been re-creating the Coral Sea campaign for the last 6 years. We want to portray the base at Port Moresby in the most realistic fashion as we can. This site has been invaluable and Gamble's book Fortress Rabaul has been insightful. Yet, we do not have the terrain around the 2 airstrips nailed down.
Any info that you could provide from local libraries or citizens who might know something would be much appreciated!
Richard Wright

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