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Post by consultology » Mon Sep 08, 2014 1:55 pm

Katherine, I just noticed your post, so hope this tardy reply is still welcome. Very interesting to read about your father and HMS Viti at Tarawa. This ship very likely the one built in Hong Kong for the then-colonial governor of Fiji, Sir Harry Luke, who was also High Commissioner of the Western Pacific. The ship was then known as RCS Viti (RCS = Royal Colonial Ship). I highly recommend Sir Harry's published diary, if you can find a copy: From a South Seas Diary 1938 - 1942, published in London by Nicholson & Watson in 1945. In the book you will find lots of information about the good ship Viti, and you will doubtless enjoy Sir Harry's notes from his tours of the Pacific islands in the early days of the war. He was a keen observer and historian. You probably know that Viti and Fiji have the same meaning.

I am the same age as your good self (b. 1935) and had the pleasure of living in Sydney during the war. Now it is Texas.

As a thought, perhaps the subject name of your post and my reply could be changed to something like 'HMS Viti in WWII'. I'm not sure how to do that, but possibly the administrator could assist.

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