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New to the forum as WWMc

Posted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 4:38 pm
by WWMc
I have just registered under a new screen name and e-mail address, because efforts to revive my former screen name failed. I live in Columbia, Maryland.

I am the nephew of a B-25C turret gunner whose Mitchell was shot down over Papua NG on July 26, 1942 with all crew members lost. After more than a decade of research and eight years of e-mail exchanges with JPAC I have succeeded in keeping their interest in the loss on the stove, if not on the front burner. US records show that the wreckage of 41-12470 and the remains of its five-man crew were never located, but Australian records prove the wreckage was located near Isoge village in May 1943 and four sets of remains were recovered, one of which was identified as the RAAF co-pilot. The other three remain unidentified and the remains of the possible fourth missing crew member may have been buried at an Anglican mission at Isivita a day or two after the shoot down. My ongoing effort is to have my DNA checked against those unidentified remains, but it has not yet been successful. JPAC used information I obtained to visit the crash site in 2009 and intends a follow-on visit to look for remains, which may not be there given the May 1943 recovery effort. Barring exhumation of the remains and DNA testing, I'm looking for alternative ways to at least rule out the unidentified remains that were recovered. If anyone can confirm that a dental chart was part of the graves registration process in 1943 I would appreciate it. I have my uncle's dental chart from his IDPF.