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Galela Airfield, What Do You Know

Posted: Sun Jun 04, 2006 12:17 pm
by Mr.Chris
Hello Folks:

Recently I landed at Galela Airfield on Halmahera Island. I saw old bomb craters still there from the war. I am looking for some historical information about Galela airfield and any others around Halmahera Island. The 68th Sentai had a Ki-61 maintenence depot at Wasile Bay, and Tom McGuire got his 21st kill over Galela in 1944. The typical Ki-43s and ki-45s were based there.

I also know that Galela is across 5-10 mi of water to Morotai Island. 2 P-51's landed inadvertantly at Galela in 1945, and the Japs killed the pilots and captured the planes. Rumor has it that the Mustangs are still there.

Additionally, Galela is also covered in coconut plantations all over.
At any rate, I would like to hear any additional information anyone has on Galela, as it is likely there are still some aircraft there hidden in the foliage.