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submarine found

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Navy divers have confirmed the location of a World War II submarine believed to have been sunk by a Japanese minelayer 61 years ago in the Gulf of Thailand.

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Post-war examination of Japanese records revealed the most likely reason for Lagarto?s silence. One of the two escorts, the minelayer Hatsutaka, made an attack on 3 May against a submerged submarine in 30 fathoms of water at 07?55'N, 102?00'E.

In May 2005, a group of private deep-sea divers, led by British wreck diver Jamie MacLeod, discovered the wreck in 70 m (225 ft) of water in the Gulf of Thailand. The wreck is mostly intact and sitting upright on the ocean floor. During the dive, a large rupture was discovered on the port bow area, suggesting a depth charge as the catalyst to her sinking. Also observed during the dive was an open torpedo tube door, with an empty torpedo door behind it, suggesting the possibility that Lagarto fired off a torpedo shortly before her sinking.

USS Lagarto SS-371 Crew Members
Andrews, Harold D Malden Missouri
Anker, Charles New York
Auchard Frederick L Woodston Kansas
Bjornson, Charles H Boston Massachusetts
Breithaupt, Chas W Vicksburg Mississippi
Britain, Wardour L Willard Missouri or Kansas
Brock, Aaron Busy Kentucky
Byrer, Clark Richard Canton Ohio
Carleton, William E Los Angeles California
Cathey, Lloyd Fry Nicoma Park Oklahoma
Catozzi, Sylvester G Bedford Indiana
Clouse, George E New Hampton Missouri
Cook, Caldwell T Columbia South Carolina
Davis, Jr., John E Little Rock Arkansas
Doud, Leslie M Alva Oklahoma
Enns, Alvin H Gray Oklahoma
Fisher, Richard L Pekin Illinois
Franze, John J Ellwood City Pennsylvania
Frasch, Oakley R Manitowoc Wisconsin or Ohio
Gerlach, James N Toledo Ohio
Grace, Richard F Wilmington Delaware
Graves, William Portland Oregon
Gray, Dennis J Trinity Texas
Green, Robert Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Gregorik, Richard L Michigan
Gregory, James P Union South Carolina
Halstead, Glen E Lynn Indiana
Hardegree, Thomas Two Rivers Wisconsin or Georgia
Harrington, Geo C Hamilton City New York
Harrington, Thos J Fall River Massachusetts
Harris, James B Baltimore Maryland
Harrison, James C Royal Oak Michigan
Hinken, Walter E Grand Rapids Michigan
Honaker, William F Sandstone West Virginia
Irving, Lloyd G Cleveland Ohio or Minnesota
Jefferson, H NYC, Bronx New York
Jobe, Jesse Tunnel Hill Illinois
Johnson, Fred Illinois
Johnson, John R North Carolina
Jordan Jr., William H Charleston West Virginia
Keeney, Jr., Arthur H West Hartford Connecticut
Kimball, Philip M San Gabriel California
Kirtley, Albert Springfield Ohio
Kneidl, John W Dayton Ohio
Latta, Franklin, D Burlington Iowa
Lee, Jr., Noah B Smithfield North Carolina
Lee, Russell W Amite Louisiana
Lewis, Robert J Louisville Kentucky
Lynch, Louis J Cleveland Ohio
Mabin, William T La Grange Illinois
Marriott, Jr., Joy M Columbus Ohio
McDonald, James H Mattoon Illinois
McGee, Justin M Rockford Illinois
Mendenhall, Wm H Cleveland Ohio
Moore, Willis L Lansing Michigan
Moss, William G Richmond Indiana
O'Hara, Lloyd R Cleveland Ohio Ohio
Ortega, Howard E Pastura New Mexico
Paper, Dick Milton Davenport Iowa
Pash, Joseph S Niagara Falls New York or PA
Patterson, Robert R Roanoke Virginia
Peterson, John W Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Peterson, Robert F Chicago Illinois Illinois
Perry, Robert C Alderson West Virginia
Phelps, Walter B West Hartford Connecticut
Plushnik, Harry R Ceresco Michigan
Price, Gerald A Elida Ohio
Reeves, Morris D Atlanta Georgia
Reichert, Raymond E Toledo Ohio
Robison, Eugene T Boggstown Indiana
Root, John H Maribel Wisconsin
Ruble, Robert T Denver Colorado C
Rutledge, Walter J Tupelo Mississippi
Shackelford, Wesley Great Bend Kansas
Simmerman, Ralph E Rogersville Missouri
Spalding, Robert B Eugene Missouri
Stehn, John E Maryland
Stiegler, Donald G Rochester New York
St John Jr, Ulys M Florida
Tait, Floyd Costa Mesa California
Todd, Jr., Harold A Fort Wayne Indiana
Turner, Frank D Spartanburg South Carolina
Wade, Arthur M Mason City Iowa
Warnick, William C Raymondville Texas
Wicklander, Max M Seattle Washington
Williams, John L Sayre Pennsylvania

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another good link

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PWD Fourm,

Here is another good link, with photos of the USS Lagarto discovery, with photos:

Also, the sub's profile on PacificWrecks:

If anyone out there was involved in the discovery, or dives on this wreck, let me know. Would be eager to profile it fully on
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Apart from USS Lagarto, there are at least three more submarine wrecks in the South China Sea. Two are north of Poelau Tioman, O 16 and K XVII, both sunk by mines in December 1941. Originally it was presumed that they had strayed into a British minefield. Not until long after the end of the Pacific war was it discovered that the Japanese had laid a minefield before the beginning of hostilities in the very area where O 16 and K XVII were lost. The minefield was intended to damage or sink "Repulse" and "Prince of Wales" but claimed the two Dutch submarines instead. Only one man survived the sinking of O 16 and there were none from K XVII.
The third submarine is O 20, a Dutch minelaying submarine, also sunk in December 1941, but by Japanese destroyers east of Singora/Pattani.

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Good website for dutch submarines, including details of WW II losses and wreck discoveries:

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