Ki-46 loss, Medan airfield, Sumatra

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Ki-46 loss, Medan airfield, Sumatra

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At 7:20 AM on 4 January 1945 a "Dinah" was claimed shot down by Corsairs of 1834 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm. The Ki-46 was in a landing configuration when engaged, 2 miles east of Medan airfield, Sumatra. The aircraft was described as having "jungle camouflage" with light coloured undersurfaces (probably dark green with light grey).

What unit could this aircraft have belonged?
Would it have been a Ki-46-II or -III model?
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Hi Skyraider3D:

I looked at it on Google Earth, and looks like Medan has close to 1mil people living there. I doubt this plane still exists as a wreck.


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