Classic wings article -Shortland Island recovery-

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Classic wings article -Shortland Island recovery-

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Classic wings article Vol 15 No 1 2008 Issue 64
Solomon Salvation On the other side of the world an equally significant recovery has moved ahead with several wrecks from the Shortland Islands group being shipped to Australia for eventual preservation. We have been given an exclusive look at what has unfolded with regard to the recoveries, the interference from beyond the Island’s borders and the plans for the rescue of the remaining salvageable relics for a proposed museum which will see several of these endangered aircraft free of the threats they face if left ‘in situ’. Unfortunately an event that occurred in mid 2007 has meant that it is too late for some, and if the others are to survive the initiative now in progress needs to be expedited forthwith!

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Re: Classic wings article -Shortland Island recovery-

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Hi according to the article the wrecks recovered are the remains of two "Pete" floatplanes. There are no examples currently in any museum or in any state of preservation/restoration. If an example can be restored this will ensure that at least one example has been preserved, surely a worthwhile excercise. There are many other wrecks on the Island and hopefully these can be recovered and preserved as well. A complete "Betty" would also be something to see as there are no intact examples of this type on display. We can only hope that these wrecks are not further damaged and can be recovered and preserved in museums. Cheers Mountie

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