C-47A # 41-18564 Flying Dutchman

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Anthony J. Mireles
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C-47A # 41-18564 Flying Dutchman

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Looking for a complete list of the personnel who were aboard the C-47A # 41-18564, also known as the Flying Dutchman, which crashed on Mt. Obree, Papua, New Guinea, on 10 November 1942. Who survived and who didn't? Who stayed with the wreck and which guys searched for civilization? I have M.J. Claringbould's great work "Forty of the Fifth" but need more detail. Any help greatly appreciated.

Tony Mireles

Daniel Leahy
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Re: C-47A # 41-18564 Flying Dutchman

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The following crew list comes from the Pacific Wrecks profile - http://www.pacificwrecks.com/aircraft/c ... 18564.html

Pilot 2nd Lt. George W. Vandervort, O-662204 KIA
Co-Pilot S/Sgt John J. Gerrity (did not fly mission)
Engineer T/Sgt Sgt Stephen J. Pitch, 33118721 KIA
Radio Sgt George B Kershner, 35267797 (Dayton, OH) survived
Chaplain Capt "Ted" Theodore W. Barron, O-31196 KIA
Passenger Sgt James M Verstay, 20633547 KIA
Passenger Pvt Vernon R Moak, 39304877 KIA
Passenger Pvt Charles W Raddatz, 37139035 KIA
Passenger Pvt Charles I Stokes, 37139199 KIA
Passenger Pvt Margarito Padilla, 38070304 KIA 11/10/42)
Passenger Pvt Carlos D Failin (MI) (KIA)
Passenger Pvt Gerald M Grove, 37111466 (Iowa) KIA drowned
Passenger PFC Frank A Thomas Jr., 37139278 (CA) survived
Passenger PVT Duane R Butler, 36154720 (MI) survived
Passenger Sgt Edward K Holleman, 36155513 (SD) survived
Passenger Pvt Floyd L August, 37139105 (Dorchester, NE) survived
Passenger Pvt John W Mobley, 39085305 (Oakland, CA) survived
Passenger TEC5 Lawrence E Peterson, 36308327 KIA at site
Passenger Pvt John J Bellus, 27139313 KIA at site
Passenger Pfc Malvern E Patton, 39382982 Dayton, WA KIA at site
Passenger Pvt Theodore Romero, 39083083 KIA at site
Passenger Pfc William L Smith, 38083372 KIA at site
Passenger Pvt Martin J Brandon, 20636075 KIA at site
Passenger Pvt Antonio T Montes, 38070252 KIA at site
Daniel Leahy
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