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3 Lost B-24's in Burma 14 Nov. 1943

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 4:19 pm
by rspeck
I'm looking for two of three B-24's of the 10th AF, 7th BG, 493rd Bombardment Squadron that went down due to a Japanese fighter attack over Burma on 14 Nov. 1943. The third B-24 that went down that day was piloted by Major Werner. One of the other two that was shot down was piloted by Major George Johnson (the plane my uncle was the tail gunner on). the last is unknown. This was a 6 plane, B-24 group that was on a mission to bomb Pakokku, Burma from India. ANY information would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.

Re: 3 Lost B-24's in Burma 14 Nov. 1943

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:34 pm
by RSwank
The 3 B-24s that went down on this mission were:

42-73304 The pilot was Lt George H Kimball and the co-pilot was F/O George R Johnson. Listed in the crew was a S/Sgt Carl A Speck from Mound Valley, KA. (Was he your uncle?) (7 page MACR)

42-73059 was piloted by Maj Wesley Werner. (25 page MACR)

42-73194 was piloted by Lt Willis McLaughlin. (7 page MACR)

There are three MACRs (Missing Air Crew Reports) on fold3 for the losses although some pages are missing. All MACRs can be found on in the WWII Missing Air Crew Reports by searching for the plane's serial number. The description for the losses is the same for all 3 MACRs as the description was written by a Lt Leland G Berlette and he describes all 3 losses on the same page.