Locating 41-30084 "Hung Lo" in Halmahera, Indonesia

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Locating 41-30084 "Hung Lo" in Halmahera, Indonesia

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Hi guys,

I am new to the forum, I stumbled on it when doing research. I am trying to determine the outcome of the crew of "Hung Lo", a B25 from the 345TH serial number 41-30084. My grandmother is a widow of one of the flight crew, and she has asked me to investigate. I have contacted the Army and they are sending a DNA kit. From my research on a few websites, it seems like the "Hung Lo" crash is well known to many today who are knowledgeable in 5TH AF history.

Basically, I am looking for what ever help I can get. I "know" where the plane crashed and was wondering how difficult it would be to have the area searched? Where do I start in my effort to attempt to recover any remains that can be recovered from any member of the crew.


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Re: Locating 41-30084 "Hung Lo" in Halmahera, Indonesia

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The RAAF Searcher Unit visited the wreck of 41-30084 in Jan/Feb 1948. They made three visits to the site and found no remains. It appeared to have made a "very good crash-landing" which was considered survivable.

The wreck was located in sea near shore close to the mouth of Kali Tiga River in Wasile Bay. Two locals said that three crew made it to shore (confirms info in MACR). The body of another was dragged ashore by the Japanese and buried on the beach near the crash. The grave site was visited but the body had been washed out to sea. The three survivors were captured and executed by the Japanese in the jungle and left unburied. Crocodiles or pigs have dragged the bodies away. Remains of two parachutes were found in a high tree at Foelie, were the HQ of the Japanese 32nd Division was based. It is beleived the two unaccounted for crew members baled out and were captured and executed by the Japanese (the 32nd Division were responsible for numerous executions in the area).

Hope this helps,

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Re: Locating 41-30084 "Hung Lo" in Halmahera, Indonesia

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I am also seeking info on this plane, my Uncle was on it. I wish to find out what exact configuration a D-5 was, as I thought he was a tail gunner (described as ENG in crash notes) and I don't think this model had a tail gun position? I'd like to know his location in the aircraft.

I believe he was subsituting for a friend and not a regular member of that crew. I'd like to contact someone who is expert on the 499th Squadron.

Many thanks

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