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Listen Here Tojo

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I am looking for information on the B-17 Listen Here Tojo 41-24552 (43rd BG) which crashed on New Guinea in 1943. The wreck was recovered in the 1990s and is featured on this site. My great uncle was on board the plane at the time of the crash. I would like any information on the crew members that you would like to share.


Mike Spradlin

Steve Birdsall
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Re: Listen Here Tojo

Post by Steve Birdsall »

One of the more poignant aspects of this story is that the pilot, Howard Eberly, had already cheated death once. On March 15, 1943 he was Lt Arthur McMullan's co-pilot in 41-24424 "Hell from Heaven Men". They were returning from an abortive mission to Wewak and, with fuel running out, were finally forced to ditch in heavy rain and fog. Only Eberly, bombardier Lt John Dawson and radio operator S/Sgt Robert Freeman got out of the plane. They began swimming but Freeman could not keep up and drowned. Eberly and the bombardier finally reached the shore and safety fourteen hours later.

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Re: Listen Here Tojo

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For those who may not be aware, the Pacific Wrecks profile for B-17F 41-24552 "Listen Here, Tojo!" can be found at the URL below: ... 24552.html
Daniel Leahy
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Re: Listen Here Tojo

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My name is Norma Norwood Waldron, daughter of Feaster A. Norwood. In the photo of Hell from Heaven Men, he is the man in the jumpsuit with the cigarette. He was the bombardier. I know he went into the ocean many times and spent some time on an island before being rescued. I was wondering if this could be the same flight. Or perhaps a later one.

Thank you,
Norma Waldron

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