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DB-7B 'Rocky's Girl' crash off Hood Point PNG 1 June 1943

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:55 am
by Marvie
Hi all
Im trying to find out what happened to a specific plane wreck (DB-7B 'Rocky's Girl') that crashed off Hood Point, PNG 1st June 1943 at 11:15am.

Deceased crew
Pilot Flight Lt. Philip Courtney Mullens, 402249 (KIA, BR) Pymble, NSW
Gunner FSgt Austin James Collins, 400871 (KIA, BR) Black Rock, VIC
Crew Sgt Norman Henry Saill, 33313 (KIA, BR) Wallangarra, QLD
Crew LAC John Eames Moore, 20932 (KIA, BR) North Sydney, NSW

I am a relative of one of the crew members (Sgt Norman Henry Saill, 33313) and interested to know if the wreck remains in the ocean where it crashed, and if so, is it possible to locate it.
Apparently villagers witnessed the crash and swam out to the wreckage and recovered the bodies of the crew from approximately 18 feet underwater. Afterwards, the deceased were transported aboard an aircraft from Hood Point Airfield back to Port Moresby the next day and buried at Bomana Cemetery on June 2. 1943. (see link below of full details of crash)

If located members of my family would like to dive the wreck and walk Kokoda.

Any assistance or advice is greatly appreciated.