Amelia Earhart 'The Mystery Solved'

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Amelia Earhart 'The Mystery Solved'

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Amelia Earhart 'The Mystery Solved'
by Elgen M. Long, & Marie K. Long.
Touchstone Book.
C 1999.
This is a good read in that it gives allot of info leading up to her last flight, and info on each leg and each airport that she landed on.(Not allot of info on each field but enough to get the picture.)

With that I do not agree with the end result. Fred Noonen was to good at what he did to get lost that bad, but this is a decent book none the less.
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I have always wondered what happend to her. I'm going to have to take a look at that book
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Amelia Earhart

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I have a copy of the book. I thought it was excellent. I would have to lean towards the conclusion reached by the authors. Noone is so perfect that they don't make mistakes. Anything is possible. The most attractive theory I have heard in recent years is the one by a guy on the internet trying to get an expedition up and running. He sincerely believes that Amelia and Noonan reached their set point of no return due to excessive head winds and returned to New Britain where they crashed. He presents an interesting argument. However there will be endless speculation on events right up to the day any wreckage is discovered.... if it ever is.
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Re: Amelia Earhart

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Take a look at for another look at what happened to AE and FN.


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