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Neat Drawing

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Hello all

I think this is the right place to post this.
When I was a little kid I had a good friend that lived in a very old victorian style house in my home town of Exeter Ca.I used to go to his house all the time,and I recall one afternoon he showed me something he found in one of his closets upstairs.

Behind the clothes hanging in there on the wall in the back was if I remember correctly was a very well done piece of art work drawn in pencil.

The sence drawn was of burning ships and aircraft of the pacific war,This IMO was most likely drawn by a veteren who saw this image in his mind from memories,(maybe haunting ones and this was how he dealed with those memories by drawing them out).

I am going to try to speak with the people that own the property now days to see if they know about the drawing and im going to ask them if i can take pics of it,if i do I will try to post them here,of corese this all depends on what they want to do with it since I must respect that this is there property atm.

I hope its still there and not been destoryed,the house looks like it got some work done on it in recent years.

Anyway i though i share this info maybe the drawing could be donated to the WW2 museum in new orlens.Maybe the ships in the drawing or the battle could be identifed(maybe they allready are i havent seen it in 27 years lol)But if i cant post them here maybe i can send the pics if i get them to someone in an eamil to help identify the battle depicted,if interrested post here to yet me know or send me an email,

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