MCAS Ewa Field Hawaii

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MCAS Ewa Field Hawaii

Post by West-Front » Mon Jun 23, 2008 9:46 am

Navy Land Swap Deal With Hunt Development opens up Historic December 7, 1941 Battlefield for Destruction!


"With the expected transfer of 499 acres of U.S. Navy land in Kalaeloa to Ford Island Properties LLC, a master plan drafted by a state agency charged with redeveloping the area may have little influence over its future."

"The Kalaeloa master plan, adopted in 2006 by the Hawaii Community Development Authority, took years to put together."

"But Ford Island Properties -- a partnership between Hunt Development Co. and Fluor Federal Services -- is poised to take over fee simple ownership of the
lands without being held to that master plan."

"Ford Island Properties agreed to take the Kalaeloa lands, formerly Barber's Point Naval Air Station (appraised at $75 million) in exchange for its
leasehold interest in 40 acres on Ford Island (appraised at $61 million),along with $16.6 million in improvements there, and 4.9 acres at Iroquois

"The deal is expected to close by July"

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Re: MCAS Ewa Field Hawaii

Post by West-Front » Tue Jun 24, 2008 12:26 am

Please feel free to pass these contact details along to other Fellow Marines and those interested in Dec 7th Military history. Write and e-mail the people below and let them know how you feel.

I truly believe that preserving MCAS Ewa Field is very important for the History of Hawaii and the sacrifice of men who fell in 1941

Semper fi


Senator Dan Inoyue
(202) 224-3934

Congressman Neil Abercrombie
(202) 225- 2726

Councilman Todd Apo
(808) 547-7001

Representative Sharon Har
(808) 586-8500

Rep Kym Pine
(808) 586-9730

Rep Corrine Ching (History nut!)
(808) 586-9145

Mayor Mufi Hannemann

Govenor Linda Lingle
(808) 586-0034

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Re: MCAS Ewa Field Hawaii

Post by West-Front » Sat Jun 28, 2008 9:49 pm

just received this update and thought I would pass it along.

Dear fellow Marines, Veterans, Ladies and Gentlemen,

On Saturday, 26 June 08, I had the pleasure and honor of giving a quick historical brief about former MCAS Ewa to the Oahu Veterans Council. It was a real honor to be in that company. My thanks for being invited to brief the vet council!

In the brief, I covered the history of MCAS Ewa from 1937 till 1949.

The well known status as the first US installation hit on the 7 Dec attack in 1941.

Its KIA from the attack as well as operational KIA from its inception till closure.

I covered existing structures aboard the MCAS, and where exactly the Dec 7 attack/fighting actually took place.

I regret I did not have the time to answer all the questions from everyone, due to the time constraints of the councils meeting agenda. Please feel free to give me a ring if you are curious about anything.

From the Naval Air Museum Barbers Points stance, I stated it was our intent to support any preservation effort regardless of which landowner ends up with the historic property. We do however, currently support full preservation as a best case scenario at this time, and will lend support towards all current efforts leaning in this direction. Ideally we would like the DON to revisit this historical property and protect it. This seems the only visionary course that would be befitting of this national treasure.

To this end, though, we would still gladly work as a partner and historical steward, with any designated federal agency (NPS?) or commercial entity (Hunt group) that could potentially end up with the historical property known as MCAS Ewa Field.

One of the common comments from the members, was the call for support from Gen Goodman (MARFORPAC), to create a official USMC museum for the former MCAS Ewa, as well as all the USMC's efforts in the Pacific during World War Two.

Another common belief, was the call for a veterans cemetery that would be on or near the former MCAS to serve all the west side veterans on thier passing.

Former Marine and former representive Mark Moses, now with the Office of Vet Services, is looking into the feasibility of a state cemetery in the area, as well as keeping up with the State Historic Preservation Office as far as the former airfield's historical status with state and federal entities .

We feeI it is the duty of everyone involved with any side of this issue, to keep at the forefront of thier thoughts, the facts regarding the the base's history and impact on our national heritage. What we do today will be what is handed on to our unborn Americans and the legacy of the Marine sacrifice at this base in the years between 1937-1949.

The ground here is as sacred to US national heritage as Concord, Gettysburg, Omaha, or Tarawa, or Corregidor, or Chosin, or Hue, or Fallujah. Your support for the reverence this property is due, is appreciated!

Anyone with questions or comments should feel free to contact me or the staff here at the Naval Air Museum anytime!

Semper Fi! & Aloha,

Brad Hayes
Exec Director,
Naval Air Museum Barbers Pt.
(808) 682-3982 [/quote]

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