Japanese Book - "Solomon Death Struggle"

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Japanese Book - "Solomon Death Struggle"

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This book is currently being offered for sale at the J-aircraft forum. The chapter descriptions were so interesting that I thought it best to share with the forum. Would make a great companion piece to the upcoming release of Hornfischer's Neptune's Inferno.

Title: 丸別冊 太平洋戦争証言シリーズ (volume 9)
Maru bessatsu: taiheiyō sensō shōgen serizu (9)
ソロモンの死闘 (1988)
Solomon Death Struggle
Published: 東京:潮書房、1988
Description: 506p; 21cm


1. 越川太助 四空陸攻隊ガダルカナルヘの第一撃
KOSHIKAWA Taisuke (former PO2c of the 4th Air Group)
The first attack on Guadalcanal by the 4th Air Group, pages 28-43.

2. 斎藤義雄 空母龍驤第二次ソロモン海戦に潰ゆ
SAITŌ Yoshio (former Air maintenance PO1c)
The destruction of aircraft carrier RYŪJŌ during the 2nd Battle of the Solomon, pages 44-75.

3. 桑嶌 康 伊11潜・特設水母「山陽丸」水偵隊転戦記
IMAMURA Ichirō (former crew I-11 and division officer of SAN-YŌ MARU)
Records of the fighting reconnaissance forces of I-11 and SAN-YŌ MARU,
pages 76-91

4. 宮澤壽一郎 伊19潜ワスプ撃沈の偉功
MIYASAWA Juichirō (former medical sublt, I-19 medical officer)
The remarkable sunking of WASP by I-19, pages 92-107.

5. 佐々木貫志夫 第六戦隊司令部壊滅す
SASAKI Kishio (Former Lt-cdr, chief communications officer of the 6th Squadon)
[The name of this officer in 1942 was HASHINAKA Kishio (橋中僖)]
The annihilation of the 6th Squadron Headquarters, pages 108-119

6. 松永市郎 古鷹
MATSUNAGA Ichirō (Former sublt, crewmember FURUTAKA)
FURUTAKA, pages 120-137.

7. 春日紀三夫 水上機母艦「日進」と重火器輸送作戦
KASUGA Kimio (Former paymaster lieutenant, chief paymaster, NISSHIN)
Seaplane tender NISSHIN and the heavy armament transport operations, pages 138-147.

8. 市来崎秀丸 第三戦隊のガ島砲撃 
ICHIZAKI Hidemaru (Former Lt-Cdr, staff 3rd Fleet)
The bombardement of Guadalcanal by the 3rd Squadron, pages 148-151.

9. 細谷宏 ガ島砲撃 
HOSOYA Hiroshi (Former Lt, chief air officer KONGŌ)
The bombardement of Guadalcanal, pages 152-159.

10. 上村嵐 軽巡洋艦「由良」の最期 
KAMIMURA Arashi (Former engineer Lt, YURA division officer)
The end of light cruiser YURA, pages 160-177.

11. 橋本廣 旗艦「翔鶴」の航跡 
HASHIMOTO Hiroshi (former PO1c attached to the 3rd Fleet Headquarters)
The sea patrols of flagship SHŌKAKU, pages 178-211.
[This article is a diary of the 3rd Fleet Headquarters from Aug 16 to Oct 28, 1942].

12. 塚本朋一郎 翔鶴艦橋で見た 
TSUKAMOTO Tomoichirō (former commander, chief navigation officer, SHŌKAKU)
I saw it from SHŌKAKU’s bridge, pages 212-223.

13. 高橋定 瑞鶴艦爆隊とガダルカナル作戦 
TAKAHASHI Sadamu (former Lieutenant, Air Group leader ZUIKAKU)
ZUIKAKU dive bomber unit and the Guadalcanal operation, pages 224-243.

14. 田中一郎 空母艦攻隊と南太平洋海戦 
TANAKA Ichirō (former sublt, ZUIHŌ division officer)
Aircraft carrier attack units and the South Pacific Naval battles], pages 244-267.

15. 菊池正剛 準鷹戦闘機隊と南太平洋海戦 
JUN-YŌ fighter unit and the South Pacific Naval battles, pages 268-278.

16. 柳田益雄 母艦部隊護衛「熊野」戦記 
YANAGIDA Masuo (former lieutenant, KUMANO division officer)
History of the KUMANO as an aircraft carrier protection force, pages 270-303.

17. 島川正明 二0四空零戦隊 
SHIMAKAWA Masaaki (former PO2c, member of the 204th Air Group)
The 204 Air Group fighter unit, pages 304-333.

18. 丹羽正行 回想有馬正文翔鶴艦長 
NIWA Masayuki (former lieutenant, SHŌKAKU 5th division officer)
Souvenirs of ARIMA Masafumi SHŌKAKU’s captain, pages 334-343.

19. 田中千秋 第三次特別攻撃隊 
[TANAKA Chiaki (former sublt, special attack unit)
The Third Special Attack Unit, pages 344-363.

20. 木俣滋郎 米軍側からみたガ島争奪戦 
KIMARA Jirō (Naval historian)
Guadalcanal campaign seen from the US Forces point of view, pages 364-382.

21. 初田太四郎 第31駆「」とガ島輸送作戦 
HATSUTA Tashirō (former PO2, crewmember NAGANAMI)
31st Destroyer Division NAGANAMI and the Transport Operations to Guadalcanal, pages 383-399.

22. 関野英夫 第十一戦隊旗艦「比叡」の悲運 
SEKINO Hideo (former lt-Cdr, Staff, 11th Squadron)
The bad luck of HIEI,flagship of the 11th Squadron, pages 400-419.

23. 新屋徳治 駆逐艦「暁」ガ島沖に消ゆ 
SHIN’YA Tokuji (former sublt, AKATSUKI chief Torpedo officer)
The End of destroyer AKATSUKI in Guadalcanal waters, pages 420-432.

24. 平塚清一 トラック基地のGF旗艦「大和」
HIRATSUKA Seiichi (former lieutenant, YAMATO division officer)
The Truk base of the Combined fleet flagship YAMATO, pages 433-441.

25. 佐藤泰石 ガ島輸送 伊一潜が演じた擱坐白兵戦 
SATŌ Taiseki (former engineer PO1, I-1 Crewmember)
Guadalcanal transport:The running aground & the small arms battle of the I-1, pages 442-451.

26. 伊藤徳三 第七0一空とレンネル島沖海戦 
ITŌ Tokuzō (former PO2, Air Group 701 member)
The Air Group 701 and the Rennell Islands sea battle, pages 452-461.

27. 渡辺喜代治 ガダルカナル輸送隊-駆逐艦「黒潮」戦闘日誌 
WATANABE Kiyoji (former PO2, crewmember KUROSHIO)
Guadalcanal transport force: destroyer KUROSHIO battle diary, pages 463-506.
[This article is a diary of KUROSHIO from Oct. 3, 1942 to Feb. 10, 1943]
The articles included numerous pictures (maybe more than 30 in total)

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Re: Japanese Book - "Solomon Death Struggle"

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I have all these books.
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Re: Japanese Book - "Solomon Death Struggle"

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I live in Japan and have all the books of this series. If anyone needs translations I read the language

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